Test Prep and One-to-One Tutoring in the Philadelphia Area

One on One Tutoring

At A+ all instruction is one-to-one. We believe one on one tutoring is the best way to help students learn since many of the distractions inherent in a classroom environment are eliminated. In addition, the student is more apt to open up to a tutor with questions or concerns in the more private setting of a one-to-one tutoring session. Your student also benefits from the consistency of meeting with the same tutor each time.

Experienced, Highly Trained Instructors

Quite simply, we hire only exceptional tutors. Our tutors not only have outstanding academic and test preparation backgrounds and skills, they have the ability to teach and motivate students effectively. All tutors are rigorously screened, trained, and performance evaluated.

Totally Customized Instruction

Our tutors determine your student’s strengths and weaknesses as they work together, so the pace and focus of the one on one tutoring program can be adjusted as needed.


Tutoring can take place either in your home or at one of our offices located in Montgomeryville and Jenkintown, PA. We match you with a tutor who can meet with your child at the times most convenient for you and your family. Your child won’t miss any lessons due to scheduling conflicts.


Our curriculum is specifically designed for one-to-one instruction. It is the result of thousands of hours of research and development combined with our experience of working with thousands of Delaware Valley students. As the tests change, our curriculum is constantly being updated and improved.

Customer Service

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring will assign a tutor based on the information you provide about your child’s personality, educational background, strengths and weaknesses, and the results of any evaluations we perform. We strive to make the perfect match between student and tutor from the beginning. If, however, you are not pleased with the tutor for any reason, or if you feel your student does not have a good rapport with the tutor, please notify our office immediately and we will be happy to assign a new instructor. Our office staff will contact you from time to time to discuss your satisfaction with the tutor and the tutoring program, and the tutor will periodically report to you with specific information about your child’s progress.

Progress Reporting

A+ is committed to maintaining close communication with you. Our state of the art, online student progress reporting system gives you 24/7 access to information about your child’s lesson schedule, homework assignments, progress reports, and practice test scoring and analysis.

Core Values

  • Standards of Integrity:

Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all we do

  • Realizing Potential

Our “bottom line” is how much we help each student realize his or her full potential

  • Identifying Room for Improvement

Excellence with a thirst for improvement

  • Market Leader

Be the market leader in quality of service to our students, parents, tutors, and staff

  • Commitment to Our Team

Commitment to the personal and professional development of all A+ team members

  • Team Effort & Accountability

Team effort with individual accountability

  • Challenging and Fun

A challenging and fun work environment

  • Commitment

Commitment to finding sustainable ways to help the less fortunate

Top 10 Reasons to Use A+ Philadelphia Tutors for One-to-One Test Prep Tutoring

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring offers a wide range of customized one-to-one tutoring programs to students of all ages. Tutoring is available at one of our two Philadelphia area offices, in your home, at your school, and online. Our experienced, professional Philadelphia tutors provide test preparation, subject area tutoring, executive function coaching, skill-building programs, and college admissions essay services.

    • 10.


We have tutored thousands of students for the SAT and ACT exams.

    • 9.

      A Local Business

We are not a national chain. We are a local Philadelphia tutoring company, founded in 1992 and still operated by our founder, Daniel Ascher. References are available.

    • 8.


Tutors are flexible and can meet on your schedule, in your home, at a public library, at the school, or in our offices.

    • 7.

      Excellent Materials

We select materials that are designed for private one-to-one instruction, and constantly updated to reflect changes on the SAT and ACT.

    • 6.

      Online Tools

Unparalleled web tools provide instant detailed practice test analysis and keep you informed of your child’s progress with emailed lesson notes and progress reports.

    • 5.

      Professional Essay Readers and Graders

Each of your child’s essays will be read, analyzed, scored, and commented on by three trained, experienced essay graders according to both The College Board and ACT essay guidelines.

    • 4.

      Customer Service

Our team of directors, Susan Ware, and Daniel Ascher, will personally:

  • Discuss your child’s specific needs with you, including any learning difficulties, ADHD, etc., and match your child with the best tutor for his or her needs.
  • Advise you on whether the ACT or SAT is a better fit for your child, and help you decide whether SAT Subject Tests are beneficial or necessary.
  • Be available to discuss your child’s needs or concerns at any time.
    • 3.


80% of our SAT students improve their scores 150 to 390 points.

    • 2.

      Customized Program

Our tutors provide a totally personalized instructional plan for your child, building off personal strengths to overcome areas of difficulty.

And the #1 reason to use A+ for
One-to-One Test Prep Tutoring…


    • 1.

      Our Philadelphia Tutors Are the Best in the Business!

  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional
  • Top Scorers on the SAT and ACT
  • Highly trained
  • Patient and caring
  • Dedicated to your child’s success
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