Student Testimonials from Montgomery County and the Main Line

Since 1992, thousands of students in the Philadelphia area have worked one-to-one with our tutors to prepare for the ACT and SAT. Our personalized approach to preparing for the ACT and SAT has proven successful time and again. Our average score improvement on the SAT is consistently about 200 points, and according to a recent company study, 80% of our SAT students improve their scores 150 to 390 points.

Here’s what a few of our Montgomery County SAT and ACT students and parents have to say about A+ and our tutors:


Sebastian Photo (1)

"From the support of my delightful tutors and persistent practice I managed to gain confidence as tutoring progressed, which really helped to motivate me!"

-Sebastian Skenderi

Abington Senior High School

Sebastian increased his ACT Math and English scores by 7 points and 10 points, respectively.




Preparing for the ACT with A+ was the most help I could ever have received. Both of my brothers used A+ too, so our family is thrilled with the results and convinced the program truly works!

- Matthew Headley

Upper Dublin High School

ACT score increased by 6 to 32



Featured Student Photo - Regal Noye (1) (1)"We loved Brian and we are thrilled with Regal’s 100 point score increase on the SAT! Brian gave Regal a lot of genuine care and everything was very well done at A+."

-Theresa Noye, Parent of Regal Noye

Radnor High School

Regal's SAT score increased by 100 points



I had a bad habit of overthinking questions. I learned to stop doing that and focus on testing strategies like process of elimination instead. Try your hardest! Practicing and getting used to the types of questions is important. I did a lot of practice tests. As I continued, I got more and more confident in my abilities.

-Jennifer Allison

Hatboro Horsham High School

ACT score increased by 5 to 23


Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.37.44 AM

When I began working, my tutors (Rob Gelb for Math and Pat Graber for Verbal) showed me that adapting to conventional testing wouldn’t be as big an issue as I feared. Pat, in particular, really helped me understand the importance of good testing strategies. Both my tutors were encouraging and positive. I liked that they didn’t focus on test scores to the exclusion of everything else. They took the time to make sure I got answers to anything I had questions about.

-Katie Benoliel
Germantown Friends School
SAT score by 140 points (over her PSAT score)


rachel-reale-smI learned that when I set my mind to it, I can get a lot done. I can handle pressure. Things become a lot less intimidating when you know how to approach them.

-Rachel Reale
Abington Senior High School
4 Point Increase on the ACT


featured-student-cole-morosHe applied the skills and information he learned in tutoring sessions. Repeatedly taking the proctored tests helped him get his timing down, which was critical. I really think he benefitted from the long and slow approach because he was able to commit the time to practicing his skills while juggling his rigorous course load in school.

-Stephanie Moros, parent

I remember a moment on the reading section when I ‘freaked out’ temporarily—something rattled me. But my training and experience helped me keep my head and power through. And in the end, all that work paid off!

-Cole Moros
Hatboro-Horsham High School
190 Point Increase on the SAT


featured-student-matthew-catanzaritiI learned so much about testing strategies. Eliminating answer choices was one system that worked especially well for me. My tutors were amazing. Both of them were really patient! They worked with me step by step and showed me how to get into a more positive frame of mind during the test.

-Matthew Catanzariti
La Salle College High School
170 Point Increase on the SAT


FullSizeRender.jpgA+ is a great tutoring system. Anyone who was in my shoes who was stressed out and nervous about SAT or ACT should go to A+, they are going to get a comfortable experience with A+ sitting down with the tutor, having the tutor work one-on-one with them. I improved by ACT score by seven points and it’s all thanks to A+.

-Omar Altimany
Germantown Academy
7 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score



If you do what your tutor asks you to do, your scores really will improve. It was really cool that I had access to so many practice tests. The repetition of doing so many practice tests was really helpful to me. You just get better as time goes on—the more you practice, the better you get.

-Gabrielle Leavitt
Hatboro-Horsham High School
6 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score  



Even if you have no doubts in your abilities to take the SAT or ACT, putting yourself out there and seeing how getting some additional help could improve your scores is definitely worthwhile – especially with A+!

-Carolyn Wilde
Wissahickon High School
6 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score  



Matt worked very hard to get his scores up - not easy to do when the first score was a composite of 30. The tutors you sent him were/are AMAZING! They both are extremely knowledgeable, and highly motivated which in turn motivated Matt and taught him the strategies he needed to take his results to the next level. We really liked the tutors with our older son and cannot be happier with the tutors Matt has had. Thanks so much!

-Linda Graeff, parent

I was really happy with the (A+ tutoring) process. Going into it, I figured the tutoring would help me learn the necessary content. But I think how it really helped me was getting me ready to take the test: getting familiar with the format and the pace. It made me so much more prepared and ready to take the test than a lot of students that don’t do tutoring.

-Matt Graeff
Wissahickon High School
4 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score  


Alex Vitek philadelphia tutoring

Thank you, A+ ! The tutors were awesome and very compatible with me. With their help, I was able to improve my ACT score by 5 points. It was definitely a great experience.

-Alex Vitek
Abington Senior High School
5 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score     

Rzepnicki Eric

I learned so much that helped me not only do better on the SAT, but with my high school courses, and most importantly my college future. Thanks A+ for such a great program!

-Eric Rzepnicki
Pottsgrove HS
370 Point Increase on the SAT

If you are at all considering using A+ Test Prep and Tutoring but are unsure if you should use their online or live tutoring, I'd like to tell you that our son has absolutely thrived with his online tutoring sessions!  Ben has always been good in Math as long as he has had a lot of practice and support. That was fine for many years but once we hit Algebra, there was a lot of stress in our family around math homework and studying for tests.  

To lessen the frustration on the part of both Ben and my husband--who worked with Ben the most--I decided to hire A+.  My only concern was that we already had a packed schedule of after school activities and I couldn't imagine driving anyone to one more thing.  So we opted for online tutoring with A+.  It has been amazing!!  Not only does Ben get himself set up with his work at his own desk, he loves the technology they use to work through the math problems.  When does your 13-year-old thank you repeatedly for anything, nevermind tutoring? He looks forward to it and checks in with me every Sunday to make sure that he has his session on Mondays.  Best part, he is now getting A's in math on a regular basis, I am not driving all over the suburbs and our house is back to being a lovely, peaceful place!


Lori Fischer
Parent, Fort Washington, PA

Kerri Sullivan

My tutor taught me a lot. She was very nice and understanding, and she helped me feel more prepared going in to the SAT. The techniques were very helpful for both the SAT and in school. Thanks A+!

-Kerri Sullivan
Hatboro-Horsham HS
400 Point Increase on the SAT      

Justin Kohl

My tutors really boosted my confidence and made a difference in my SAT scores. Thank you A+.

-Justin Kohl
North Penn HS
300 Point Increase on the SAT

Mingie is good at giving the steps to solve a problem, and provides inspiration. She is always on time, always very positive, and works alongside Alex helping him to learn and increase his confidence. Her lesson notes are timely and insightful. She really helps Alex with what he needs to improve.

--Anthony Scott, Parent
Harriton High School

I have used A+ Tutoring for both my son and daughter.  What I really appreciated is that the process is individualized to the student, rather than the student being placed in a pre-determined curriculum. This highly personalized approach by A+ ensured that each of my children were matched with a tutor that not only was highly qualified but was also able to personally connect and relate to each child.  My children were initially extremely nervous about working with a tutor, so finding someone who makes them feel comfortable not only increased their academic results but made my life less stressful since I didn’t have to fight with them to go to their lessons.

While A+ Tutoring provided an immediate benefit of higher grades and SAT scores, more importantly, the tutors helped my son and daughter understand how they learn and how to maximize their study skills going forward.  While raising test scores to get into college is great, the real long term benefit is they were given the knowledge and confidence going forward that will serve them their whole lives.

Thanks, Daniel Ascher and A+ Tutoring!

Jeffrey K., parent
Upper Dublin High School

Megan Soffin

My daughter was very pleased with her tutor & found the sessions helpful and is very willing to speak with anyone who would like a student’s perspective.

-Nancy Soffin, parent
Megan Soffin
Plymouth Whitemarsh HS
210 Point Increase on the SAT  

Katie Kline

Thank you very much! I’m so happy with my scores!

I thought the program was great. I learned a lot of tips that a regular SAT book wouldn’t have told me. For example, Andrew told me how many questions I could skip and how many I would need to get right in order to get a score within a certain range. Obviously the program really worked for me. I went up 210 points! That’s insane! My goal was to break a 2000, which I thought was not going to happen. 1990 is pretty darn close though, so I’ll take it! And yes, Andrew was a great tutor. I would definitely recommend him to a friend (which my mom did).

-Katie Kline
Hatboro-Horsham HS
210 Point Increase on the SAT

Nicole Sabatino

Overall, I was very impressed with the service we received from A+–it was well worth the money. I would recommend their tutoring services to anyone. The tutors were very knowledgeable and easy to work with, and my daughter’s SAT scores improved greatly as a result.

-Karen Sabatino, parentNicole Sabatino
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School
280 Point Increase on the SAT


Laura Pacheco

Thank you A+, for your guidance and recommendations. I think your company’s “strategy” approach is very appealing, and has helped my daughter feel less a victim and more in control. As a parent, I appreciate having your support/insight at my fingertips to offer encouragement to my daughter. Thanks again.

-Lisa Pacheco, parent
Laura Pacheco
Mount St. Joseph Academy
190 Point Increase on the SAT      

Jessica Williams

“A+ helped massively. I don’t think I would be able to do as well with a book on my own. The interaction with people teaching you how to study for it, learning all of the little tricks the SAT people throw at you, learning how to find those tricks and beat them, helps boost your score.”

-280 Point Increase on the SAT
Jessica Williams
Abington Friends School

Mary Lobo

Honestly, I think that this tutoring program made all the difference in the world to my SAT scores. Before A+ all of my scores were at the bottom of the averages that my top three colleges wanted to see. My tutor, Barbara, honed in on my trouble areas while still working on the overall test taking strategies. Each week she would teach me a new type of problem the SAT focused on, allowing me to get an idea of what to look out for. After all of her help, each of my three scores increased dramatically, putting me right where I wanted to be for colleges. I now have a collective score higher than I had originally hoped for. When I saw my scores I was so surprised that I checked to make sure I hadn’t accidentally logged into someone else’s account! I am extremely happy with how A+ helped me raise my SAT scores.

-Mary Lobo
Wissahickon High School
250 Point Increase on the SAT      

Pam was great!! She really motivated Ismail. Although he wasn’t happy about taking the time to go to a tutor, he really looked forward to seeing and working with Pam. She always kept me informed of his progress.

-Donica Amir, parent
Ismail Amir
Abington, PA

Sean Ford

Thanks A+ for helping me raise my score 260 points!

-Sean Ford
LaSalle College HS
260 Point Increase on the SAT      

Dan Graeff

Let me take this opportunity to say that we are VERY happy with the results of Dan’s ACT test! Both Christine and Maggie were awesome tutors preparing Dan on all levels for the test. We can’t say enough good things about them!!! Looking forward to preparing for the next test with both of them. We are ecstatic and so appreciative. Many thanks!

-Linda Graeff, parent
Dan Graeff
Wissahickon High School
4 Point Increase on the ACT      


“My tutors at A+ were amazing! They really cared about me as a person and worked hard to make sure that I got help with aspects of the SAT that I specifically needed to improve to get a better score. They tutored me based on my needs, instead of just following a general formulaic tutoring plan. Pam and John were great to work with! They made tutoring an enjoyable experience for me, and not like a chore. Overall A+ was a great company to use to help improve my score.  Thank you Pam and John!”

-Julia Glassman
Abington High School
220 Point Increase on the SAT

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