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Self-Proctoring: Simulate the Real SAT/ACT and Get Real Results

Why Self-Proctor?

Before opening night of a play, actors conduct dress rehearsals to ensure a successful performance. It is similarly worthwhile to complete proctored SAT/ACT exams that simulate typical testing conditions.

Current and prospective A+ Test Prep students preparing to take the SAT or ACT can take advantage of the free proctored exams that A+ offers two Saturdays a month. Yet, if a student can’t make it in person to take a proctored exam, or if a student simply wants to practice at home, self-proctoring is a sensible substitute. The current concerns and cancellations related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) make self-proctoring an especially suitable and timely alternative.

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Best Practices for Online Tutoring

Video: Online Tutoring Overview
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Should I Write the Optional SAT or ACT Essay?

To write or not to write: that was the question. Not long ago, the essay portions of the SAT and ACT were optional in the same way extra credit is optional; therefore, the question of whether to do the essay was why not? Now, however, the question is shortened to why?

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International Baccalaureate: A Global Education

With its international focus and requirements that emphasize multidisciplinary coursework, service, and research, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program offers a more holistic option for students seeking to challenge themselves in high school. The IB teaches “students to think critically and independently, and how to inquire with care and logic.” Although the IB is similar to the more familiar Advanced Placement (AP) program, it has its own pros and cons.

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Test Prep and the Student Athlete

Many students who play sports in high school hope to compete at the college level, which means navigating a complex maze of deadlines and standards. To make it to the finish line, you will need to understand both academic eligibility requirements and proper test preparation planning, as well as how to apply the useful principles of athletics to test prep.

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3 Key Ways to Maximize Your SAT or ACT Score

Parents in the Greater Philadelphia Area frequently ask us how their high school students can maximize their scores on the SAT and ACT. Since 1992, thousands of college-bound students have completed A+ Test Prep and Tutoring’s one-to-one test preparation program and have averaged score improvements of 150 points on the SAT and 4-points on the ACT.

To maximize your SAT or ACT test-score, we suggest that you focus on three main areas: Background Knowledge, Strategy, and Practice. Diligent SAT/ACT test-preparation students who embrace these three components will have the best chance of maximizing their scores, and higher standardized test-scores greatly increase those students’ chances of acceptance into their desired college or university.

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PDF Download: SAT/ACT Comparison

We hear it all the time here at A+ Test Prep and Tutoring: “Which test should I take? The SAT or the ACT?”

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What to Do When Your Test Score Improvement Stalls - The Pace of Progress

A Piece of Cake

The recipe for success on the SAT/ACT isn’t the same for everyone. Think of it as similar to baking a cake: one person can have all of the needed ingredients and baking experience; another person might have experience, too, but still need a few ingredients from the store; meanwhile, another participant without any experience could have even fewer of the necessary ingredients. All three, however, can successfully bake their cakes, but the process for each may vary. 

When students prepare for the SAT or ACT, their level and pace of score improvement can be affected by preexisting factors, such as basic knowledge and past experience, as well as new factors such as studying and tutoring. Knowing what to expect and how to handle obstacles, such as slow improvement or score plateaus, could help students rise to the occasion and taste success on test day.

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Sweeter Dreams: Improving Teen Sleep Hygiene

With a new year often comes new resolutions for self-improvement. Since teens often get insufficient sleep, one of the most important, yet most neglected, ways to better take care of themselves is by improving their sleep habits.

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A+ Featured Student: Matthew Headley

Matthew Headley, a current Upper Dublin High School student, is the youngest of three brothers who were all able to raise their test scores and achieve their goals with the help of A+ tutors. Reflecting on her sons’ success, Beth Headley gushed, “I was thrilled with all my children’s results and the tutoring they all received. They all improved their test scores more than you even promised! I believe your program truly works!”

A “very motivated and very detail-oriented student,” according to his English and Reading tutor, Barbara Lommer, Matthew earned an impressive 32 on his October ACT, which was a 6 point increase for him!

We recently spoke with Matthew and his tutors to get a better understanding of how they were able to accomplish this remarkable feat.

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