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Opt in to Optional College Application Components

A+ Scholarship Part 3: Finding Yourself in your College Search

A+ Scholarship Part 2: Small Scholarships, Big Rewards

A+ Test Prep's First Counselor Select Scholarship Winner, Adam Powley

A+ One-To-One Remote Tutoring

COVID-19 Updates and Resources for the SAT/ACT and AP Exams

College Board Suspends Effort to Create At-Home SAT

Test-Optional: Recent Changes and How Testing Still Matters

Beyond College Admissions: Why the SAT and ACT are Awesome!

A+ Featured Student: Sebastian Skenderi

A Closer Look at Remote Tutoring

A+ Featured Student: Germantown Friends School Junior

Self-Proctoring: Simulate the Real SAT/ACT and Get Real Results

Best Practices for Online Tutoring

Should I Write the Optional SAT or ACT Essay?

International Baccalaureate: A Global Education

Test Prep and the Student Athlete

3 Key Ways to Maximize Your SAT or ACT Score

PDF Download: SAT/ACT Comparison

What to Do When Your Test Score Improvement Stalls - The Pace of Progress

Sweeter Dreams: Improving Teen Sleep Hygiene

A+ Featured Student: Matthew Headley

The Benefits of Studying a Foreign Language

Accommodating Differences: How to Secure Support for Disabilities in College

A+ Featured Student: Amanda Rabin

Impostor Syndrome:  When Self Doubt Belittles Success

Test Prep Priorities: SAT/ACT Essay and SAT Subject Tests

PSAT Results: When You'll Get Them and How to Use Them

A+ Professional Development

3 Changes Coming to the ACT Test in 2020

Get to Know the ISEE and SSAT: A Closer Look (Part 2 of 2)

Get to Know the SSAT and ISEE: The Basics

A+ Featured Student: Regal Noye

Pros and Cons of Test-Optional and Test-Flexible Admissions

What’s New at Penn State: Highlighting Local Colleges

Requesting Copies of Your Test Questions and Answers: A Short Guide

A+ Featured Student: Alec Sandroni

Beating Freshman Stress

Preparing Neurodiverse Teens Today to be Successful Adults Tomorrow

Campus Safety and You

Financial Literacy 101: Avoid becoming a “bad debt” statistic

A+ Featured Student: Jennifer Allison

3 Things Your Teen Needs to Know About Living Away at College

What Test Score Do I Need to Get In?

The SAT & ACT Experimental Questions: What You Need to Know

Summer: Taking a Proctored, Practice Test over the Summer

Summer: Making Every Moment Count

The Summer After Your Graduation

Frequently Asked SAT & ACT Questions: (2 of 2)

Remote Tutoring with A+

A+ Featured Student: Alec Kane

SAT versus ACT: Which Test Should You Take?

Frequently Asked SAT & ACT Questions: (1 of 2)

Reading Questions: SAT vs. ACT

A+ Featured Student: Katie Benoliel

An A+ Interview with Tina Gregor of College Pursuit

Helping Teens Face Their Inner Critic

How Mindfulness Can Help Manage College Application Anxiety

The SAT and ACT Math Sections: Which Works Better for You?

Teens and Service Trips

Acing the ACT Science Section Part 2: Three Types of Questions

Acing the ACT Science Section Part 1: The Scientific Method

Your A+ Roadmap to College: Part Three (Junior & Senior Years)

Your A+ Roadmap to College: Part Two (Sophomore Year)

Securing College Learning Support Accommodations [Updated]

Featured Test Prep Student: Rachel Reale

Your A+ Roadmap to College: Part One

Making Every Minute of Your College Tour Count

Changes in the ACT National Extended Time Policy - An A+ Update

What Does It Take to Make an A+ Tutor?

A+ Tutors Bring Experience and Dedication

Getting Ready for the Test: It's Test Day!

Getting Ready for the Test: An A+ Pop Quiz

Can an SAT Exam Be Too Easy?

To Write or Not to Write: Re-evaluating the Standardized Test Essay

Featured Test Prep Student: Eli Minkoff

Featured Test Prep Student: Cole Moros

College Fit: What It Means and How to Find It

How to Study for Tests: A Step-by-Step Guide

8 Ways to Use Your Gap Year Wisely

Mindprint is Coming to A+!

Why US News and World Report Rankings Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Procrastination: What It Is and How to Handle It

What You Need to Know About the Coalition App

Featured Test Prep Student: Aengus Dublin

SAT or ACT? Find Out Which Test is Right for You

Featured Tutor: Kevin Holsopple

The Fit Education Consulting College Visit Guide

A Thank You Letter from Dan Ascher

Practice Matters: The Importance of Proctored Practice Exams

Featured Test Prep Student: Amanda Fricker

What to Watch for: Some Symptoms of Executive Function Disorder (EFD)

Featured Test Prep Student: Matthew Catanzariti

Executive Function & ADD/ADHD - Part I

When Should I Start ACT or SAT Test Prep? Downloadable PDF

Protecting your Child from Bullies – Students with Disabilities

A Four-Step Guide to Writing a Great College Admissions Essay: Part II

Saving for College in 2018: An Update on Tax Treatment of 529 Plans

Cracking the Word Problem, Part 3: Keywords in Action

The Four-Step Guide to Writing a Great College Admissions Essay: Part I

Cracking the Word Problem, Part 2: Real-World Logic

Financial Aid Impact of Early Decision and Early Action

Cracking the Word Problem, Part 1: The Elusive Keyword

Should I Write the Optional SAT or ACT Essay?—Part 2

Effective Executive Function Skills—Organization Tips for Busy Students (and Parents!)

Featured Test Prep Student: Sonoi Kawakami

The ACT Writing Test – An Overview, Part 2       

The ACT Writing Test – An Overview, Part 1

Tips for Writing Your College Application Personal Statement

SAT and ACT Vocabulary, Revisited

Student Discounts - Part II

Featured Test Prep Student: Stella Kelley

Standardized Testing and ADD/ADHD

Can My Child Benefit From Executive Function Coaching?

The Importance of Developing Effective Executive Function Skills

Does Success Come at a Price? A Look at Standardized Test Prep

Did You Know - Student Travel Discounts

The Advantages of Standardized Test Tutoring

ACT or SAT: Which Standardized Test Should I Take?

Featured Test Prep Student: Maddie Hunt

Download the guide: SAT and ACT Test Score Ranges by College

What is Overlearning? A Scientific Update

Featured Test Prep Student: Kiran

What is Superscoring?

Featured ACT Test Prep Student: Holly Grosse

A Year Later—Update on the New SAT

Word Problems: Everybody's Favorite

Considering Test-Optional College Admissions Policies

Standardized Testing and the Dyslexic Student

Self Care for Students - Why it's so Important

Increase in College Applications and the New SAT—Correlation or Causation?

Featured Test Prep Student: Sam Moore

A Snapshot of Princeton University (Including Tips on How to Get Into Princeton)

What's Your Major?

SAT and ACT Testing Accommodations Update From A+

Noting a Few Important Points: Note Taking Techniques

To Climb That Ivy, or Not?

A University of Pennsylvania Information Session With A+

Featured Test Prep Student: Omar Altimany

Back to Basics: ACT Essay Returns to 12-Point Scoring

ACT Science Tip: Complete the easier sections first

A+ Test Prep and Tutoring Receives Two Awards from The Intelligencer

3 Strategies to Help Improve Reading Comprehension on the SAT and ACT

ACT Science Tip: Read the Passages Carefully

Scan + Score Allows Instant Access to SAT Practice Test Scores

The Most Important College Admissions Factors

New SAT Test Controversy Prompts Change

How Do I Prepare for the SAT Essay Prompt?

University of Pennsylvania Adopts New Position On Score Choice

SAT Essay Prompts: 3 Objectives for Success

ACT Tip: Be Mindful of Your Time

Getting To Know The New FAFSA

How Do New SAT Scores Compare to Old SAT Scores?

News Item:  A+ Test Prep Offering Free Proctored ACT and SAT Tests This Summer

Featured Test Prep Student: Gabrielle Leavitt

FAQ: What If I Don't Like My Tutor?

FAQ: What If I Have Extra Tutoring Sessions Left After I Take My Test?

Featured Test Prep Student: Carolyn Wilde

FAQ: How Many Times Should I Take the SAT or ACT?

FAQ: How Much Homework Should Test Prep Students Expect Per Week?

6 Tips for Submitting Letters of Recommendation

FAQ: Do A+ Test Prep Tutors Teach Test-Taking Strategies and Tips?

SAT/ACT Hybrid Tests: Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

FAQ: What Motivates A+ Tutors to Help Students?

When Am I Gonna Use This?

FAQ: Why is A+ Tutoring So Successful at Helping Students Improve Their SAT or ACT Scores?

FAQ: How Can I Fit ACT or SAT Prep Into My Busy Schedule?

How to Ace Standardized Tests with Daniel Ascher [Podcast]

Initial Reflections on the “New” SAT

FAQ: How Does the A+ Test Prep Program Work?

Featured Test Prep Student: Matt Graeff

Featured Test Prep Student: Ilya Rake

Five Things You Need to Know About Grants and Scholarships

Mind over Matter: Dealing with Test Anxiety

Five Things You Should Know About Taking the New ACT Writing Test

Four Ways ACT Private Tutoring Helps Improve Time Management

Step by Step: Why It’s Important to Use the Writing Process on Your ACT Essay Prompts

Featured Test Prep Student: Nicholas Dahl

Got Questions About the New SAT & PSAT? We’ve Got Answers!

Philadelphia-Area Tutors for Students with Learning Disabilities

January 2016 SAT -- Three SAT Verbal Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)*

5 Myths About ACT Tutoring

What is Dyslexia?

Saving for College: Tax Treatment of 529 Plans

Featured Test Prep Student: Nicole Tan

How Do Colleges View SAT and SAT Subject Test Scores?

Test Prep Tip for Parents: Helping Your Student Become a Better Test Taker [Video]

A Quick Overview of the Financial Aid Application Process

Tip for Parents: Encourage Your Child to Read [Video]

Test Prep Tip: Underlining and Taking Notes on the SAT or ACT [Video]

Test Prep Tip: Using Process of Elimination on Multiple Choice Questions [Video]

ACT Writing Enhancements for Fall 2015

Test Prep Tip for Parents: Helping Your Student Develop Positive Testing Habits [Video]

Rollout of New SAT Test Impacts Philadelphia Area

Featured Test Prep Student: Sam Hunt

What Does the SAT Redesign Mean for Philadelphia-Area A+ Tutoring Students?

When Should Students Begin to Prepare for College Entrance Exams?

The ABCs of College Interviews

Philadelphia Students' SAT Test Scores May Be Affected by Printing Error

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