FAQ: How Can I Fit ACT or SAT Prep Into My Busy Schedule?

We often get asked about the flexibility of our test prep programs: Can our tutors work our the busy schedules of high school students?

At A+ Test Prep & Tutoring, we know that in addition to normal schoolwork, students have a lot going on in their lives. Our tutors are able to work around your family’s hectic schedule so students don’t miss out on other activities. Our tutors are available after school, evenings, and on weekends. They can meet with you at one of our two office locations, at your school, or in your home.

Flexibility is one of the reasons parents and students alike have found one-to-one tutoring to be a good fit for test prep.  Sometimes doing a scheduled group course is not possible due to students’ scheduling constraints, whereas working with a one-to-one tutor is possible. Our tutors are happy to schedule sessions when it is best for your family – and are flexible with rescheduling should a conflict arise.

This flexibility carries over into the tutoring sessions as well. Our tutors are able to tailor the test prep program to the specific needs of a student, as opposed to having to teach a group of students with varying needs.

One parent said they chose A+ because her son might not get the maximum benefits of a tutoring program with group classes. “I really wanted it to be time well spent,” said Lisa Hunt. “His schedule was just so crazy. I wanted him to make the most of time he did have.”

Since time for test prep can be hard to find, our tutors make sure sessions are efficient and effective. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation today.


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