FAQ: What If I Have Extra Tutoring Sessions Left After I Take My Test?

Once in a while a student has to cancel a session or two, and time constraints don’t allow him to complete the typical 13 sessions before taking the ACT or SAT. In these cases, families often ask what happens to the remaining sessions and how students can utilize them.




Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

At A+, we see extremely high value in one-to-one interaction between tutors and students. Students feel less self-conscious than they do in a group setting, and are therefore more willing to ask questions. In addition, a one-to-one relationship fosters a higher level of accountability for homework completion, which is critical since practice is such an important component of test prep success. Even though you will generally pay more for one-to-one services than you would for group sessions, you will get the advantage of individualized attention from your tutor and flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

Our standard ACT or SAT prep package includes 19.5 hours of instruction, which is divided into 13 tutoring sessions (90 minutes each) prior to the test, covering all content areas for the test in question. These sessions may vary in focus, depending on the student’s needs. While we highly encourage students to complete all 13 sessions to get the maximum benefits, sometimes scheduling conflicts or time constraints don’t allow that. So what happens to the leftover sessions?

Students have a few options, and we encourage families to consider which is the most advantageous to the student:

  • If the student plans to retake the ACT or SAT, he can schedule the sessions before the next test to review the results of his original test and refresh his knowledge of test tips and strategies, as well as cover any content that he struggled with on the test the first time around
  • If the student doesn’t plan to retake the ACT or SAT but needs extra help with an academic subject, we can shift the focus toward her course work and utilize the remaining sessions for academic tutoring. In such cases, depending on the subject involved, a different tutor may be assigned.

For either of these options, extra sessions can be added for an additional fee if the remaining number of sessions doesn’t seem to be quite enough.

We hope that you take advantage of any remaining sessions you have, whether they’re applied toward additional test prep or academic tutoring. To learn more about our one-to-one programs and the value of these services, we encourage you to review our test prep method comparison and cost information.


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