Getting Your College Application into the "YES" Pile

College_Application College application "YES" pile

This article was contributed by Amy Sauber, a college admissions consultant in Blue Bell, PA.

Every year college admissions officers across the country must decide which students will make up their next freshman class. Besides test scores and GPAs they consider a variety of factors in order to determine which college applications will make it into the "YES" pile.

Highly competitive colleges want to select freshman classes of students with the academic skills necessary for success at their institutions. However, they are also looking for a diverse group of students with a range of capabilities and interests.

Harvard University admissions officers, for example, could fill every available spot in their freshman class with students who earned a combined 4.0 GPA and near perfect SAT scores, but they look for other qualities in the applicants they choose.

The following Four C's of College Admissions include some of the attributes colleges look for in students through college applications:


Students engage in activities that interest them and show consistent dedication to these interests during high school.


Students love learning and display intellectual curiosity about the subjects they study.

Applicants are helpful and kind in and out of the classroom. They respect others. Students seek ways to lead and motivate others in their communities.

Applicants express themselves clearly and creatively. They are innovative in their approaches to learning and exploring topics of interest.

Applicants should seek to include these "Four C's" in the college application essays and letters of recommendation that they send to their prospective colleges. Successful students will also demonstrate how they have grown and developed over the high school years.


Amy Sauber is an adjunct professor at Temple University's Fox School of Business, where she teaches Business Communications. She is also a college admissions consultant who has a perfect record of helping students land acceptance letters and merit scholarships to their colleges of choice.

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