A+ Featured Student: Germantown Friends School Junior

There is a junior at Germantown Friends School (GFS) who can now add a 7-point score improvement on the ACT to their list of accomplishments, which includes participating in a range of school and community activities. We spoke to this busy junior and their tutor about earning a 33 on the February ACT and the tutoring that helped them become successful.

A+: What brought you and your family to A+?

GFS Junior: GFS suggested that we use A+ for tutoring.

A+: Once you began tutoring, what was your most significant challenge?

GFS Junior: My biggest obstacle was trying to stay calm and focused during the practice tests.

Math, Science, and Verbal tutor, Josh Woratyla agrees that “sessions focused on building up [….] confidence regarding the Math and Science sections of the ACT” were critical, since those sections were ones that they “reported feelings of anxiety when attempting to complete.” With emotions and stakes running high, support and advice were especially important.

A+: What were some of the factors that helped you achieve your goal or made the process a good one for you?

GFS Junior: My mother encouraged me to study and made sure I stayed on track and on schedule.

Inspiring them further was Woratyla who said to his student “if you put the time in, the test results will show it.” Ultimately, they did put the time in and the results did show it. As Woratyla reports, his student was “incredibly bright and hard working.” Indeed, this student was so “driven,” they “completed more homework assignments than any student I've tutored (3-4 hours per week).”

With tutoring and testing over, both tutor and student are grateful for each other and the experience. Woratyla praises his student as “a pleasure to tutor due to their attentiveness during sessions and ambition to improve.” He is pleased with the “progress they were able to make on this test” and describes his student “as a model student for the test prep program.” The student returns his compliment, describing Josh as “amazing,” “a great match,” and “a very calm influence during this crazy process.”

A+: And what advice do you have for students just starting this “crazy” standardized testing process, as you put it?

GFS Junior: That standardized testing does not match your true intelligence. It’s a system for college admissions.

A+: So, looking ahead to getting admitted to college and beyond, can you describe your future goals?

GFS Junior: I’m hoping to major in the Humanities, and I am looking at a very wide range of schools.

Since this GFS junior was able to earn their goal score on their first attempt at the ACT, and was fortunate enough to do so before the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, they couldn’t be more thrilled to have their test preparation and testing already completed and in such a satisfying way. Their joy is shared by Josh, who says, we are “so happy” for this GFS junior’s success, and wish them the best as they pursue their dreams!


At A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, our practices are based on the latest developments in educational theory and research. We have an excellent team of tutors who can help you with standardized testing, executive functioning, or achievement in any other school subject. If you want to find out more about our services, our Client Service Directors Anne Stanley and Susan Ware can be reached at 215-886-9188.

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