How to Ace Standardized Tests with Daniel Ascher [Podcast]

231772_med.jpgA+ Test Prep & Tutoring was recently featured on a podcast published by College Admissions Toolbox, an online resource to guide students as they prepare to “wow” their dream colleges during the admissions process.

In the podcast, the founder of College Admissions Toolbox, Steve Schwartz, discusses test prep challenges and success stories, time management, test prep best practices, and the redesigned SAT with A+ Test Prep & Tutoring Founder Dan Ascher. 

Give the podcast a listen and get answers to the following questions…and more!

  • What’s the best role for parents during the test prep process?
  • How can you help your child pick a school that is a good fit for him or her?
  • How is a structured test prep program more effective than “cramming”?
  • In an A+ test prep program, what is the typical ratio of tutoring session time to homework time?
  • What are some of the tricks high school students can use to manage time?
  • How does A+ individualize tutoring for different students?
  • How does one-to-one tutoring teach accountability?
  • How is taking the ACT or SAT different from taking a regular test in school?
  • What is Dan’s number one piece of advice for the college admissions process?
  • Does Dan recommend the redesigned SAT for students in the class of 2017?
  • If you are not in the Philadelphia area, what resources are available from A+ online?

Listen now for answers to your college admissions and test prep questions!




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