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Why Is Good Writing So Important?

No matter one's age or profession, writing is an essential skill. Good writing (and, conversely, bad writing) speaks volumes about a person's ability to think clearly, to analyze complex subjects, to express opinions and emotions, and, not least, to master punctuation and grammar.

How to Reduce Anxiety Before a High-Stakes Exam such as the SAT or ACT

The next time you feel nervous or insecure before a test or presentation, try this simple trick: take ten minutes to write down your feelings about it. Psychologists at the University of Chicago recently published an article in the journal Science about this easy way for anxious students to relax before a high-stakes exam.

The Good, The Bold, and The Italicized

In the January issue of the journal Cognition, Connor Diemand-Yauman, his faculty mentor Daniel Oppenheimer, and their colleagues at Princeton University published the results of their research on fonts and their effect on memory. According to the study, fonts that are difficult to read help people process and recall new information.

Free Proctored ACT and SAT Exams

Mark your calendars! Due to the popularity of our free proctored exams, we have expanded the number of locations where we offer our free, no-obligation, proctored ACT and SAT practice exams.

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