Philadelphia Students' SAT Test Scores May Be Affected by Printing Error

Students put in a ton of effort to get ready for the SAT. Some want to boost their verbal scores, some focus on sharpening writing skills, and others work with a one-to-one tutor in a full test prep program. Either way, test day is the culmination of many hours of preparation.sat_printing_error_philadelphia_student

So when the College Board announced there was an error on the June 6, 2015 SAT test's instructions, it is understandable that many students were disappointed and worried about how their scores would be impacted.

The College Board reached out to test takers after discovering the error. It turns out that the printed instructions given to students for two of the sections were incorrect, but that the proctors administering the test had correct information. This caused confusion on how much time students had to complete those sections.

Take a look at one Philadelphia area student’s reaction in the video below.

Currently, the SAT test has 10 sections, but only nine count toward the final score, the tenth being an experimental section. Ultimately, the College Board determined that they could eliminate two of the scored sections and count the remaining seven scored sections as a valid score. 

“Admission directors from across the country have told us they have full confidence in those scores and will view them just like scores from any other SAT administration,” the College Board stated.

As shown in the video, that solution isn’t satisfactory to all students and parents.

Students who took the test in June will be permitted to retake the test in October free of charge. For more information from the College Board on the testing error, click here

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