September 2010 Newsletter

Should Your Student Consider a Non-traditional College or Program?

It can be a challenging process for college-bound students to find a college that is the right "fit" because the options are so wonderfully varied. There are large public universities, small liberal arts colleges, urban schools, women's colleges, schools that specialize in the performing or decorative arts, and so on. Once you also factor in the wide array of geographical locations in the United States, it is no wonder the task of choosing a college can seem daunting. There is another sub-category of school to consider, though, and that is the non-traditional college.

Rethinking Study Habits

A recent article in the New York Times sheds new light on old ways of thinking about what are considered "good" study habits. Such things as finding a quiet place to study, sticking to a homework routine, setting goals, and avoiding bribes may be a bunch of hogwash, according to new information.

Free Proctored SAT and ACT Exams

Mark your calendars! Due to the popularity of our free proctored exams, we are once again offering free, no-obligation, proctored ACT and SAT practice exams. These exams are open to current students and to members of the community.

Cool Gadgets for Students

Check out these two new gizmos on the market geared to students.

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