Successful College Savings

Saving for college is a necessary, but scary responsibility. This is especially true in these tough economic times. Most experts agree though, on the most important elements of a successful plan:

1. Start early -- yes, I mean early. If possible start setting aside something every month from the time your kids are born. Even saving just $100 per month per child can make a big difference when the time comes for you to begin paying for college.

2. Set up automatic payments -- Make it one of your monthly bills that gets paid automatically. The easiest way to do this is by either using your online banking service, bill payment through a personal finance program, such a Quicken, or by allowing your savings plan to deduct the payment from your bank account each month.

3. Stick to your guns -- Don't get spooked when times are bad, such as they are now. Given a long term time horizon for your investment, you will benefit from the advantages of dollar cost averaging. The earlier you start the more you will benefit from this approach.

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