The Summer After Your Graduation

You’re a graduate! Congratulations!

What now?

You’ve passed your finals, aced your SAT (or ACT), and received your acceptance letters. The countdown to your first semester has started. But—there’s a whole summer to get through first.

Google “Summer after high school graduation” and you will find lots of suggestions. Most of them are attached to numbers (30 things to do…50 Things to Do…5 Ways to Make the Most…15 Tips…). We at A+ decided to do a little research and compile some of the best ideas.

  1. The Summer After GraduationDon’t Waste Your Summer

Sensible advice from Washington Post contributor Shannon Reed. One of her suggestions is to “study up on” your new school. This includes:

  • Getting familiar with your college’s online system
  • Looking up your first semester professors
  • Deciding what extracurricular activities you want to participate in
  1. Find That Frying Pan

Alexia Lafata urges, “Learn to cook actual meals for yourself.” She’s actually talking about graduating from college, but this works for high school grads as well. Over the summer, concentrate on mastering some simple food prep. The impact on your pocketbook and your health will be positive. Many colleges have flexible meal plan choices (University of Pennsylvania offers three). You can go to the dining hall for lunch and dinner but fix a light, healthy breakfast in your room. Find out if your dorm has a kitchen (many do) for weekend meals. Fresh ingredients can be stored in a small fridge.

  1. Say Hello Before You Say Goodbye

This one is for grads leaving for parts unknown in the fall—other states or even other countries. You can hardly wait! You are ready to board the plane, train, or bus that will take you to your new life. But take a few moments, says Jeanne Palmateer, to appreciate the people you are (temporarily) leaving behind. “Often the people you look forward to leaving are the ones you miss the most - go figure. Treasure your family and invest in your relationships with your loved ones.” Plan an outing. Sit down and talk. Enjoy a family meal.

  1. Get a Jump on Getting Experience

Some students are bored by the prospect of three months of waiting for the next phase of their lives to start. If you are in this group, why not brainstorm a way to challenge yourself? Look for an internship in a field you that interests you. If you find you are stimulated and encouraged, great! If you are not enthusiastic about the experience, it gives you valuable information on which to base your final career decision.

  1. Finally, Have Fun!

It’s summer, after all. Right? Take a breath. Allow yourself to bask in the glow of this year’s achievements! Go to that waterpark. Eat that ice cream. Swing in that hammock.


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