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Test-Optional: Recent Changes and How Testing Still Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic changes in our lives. Students, in particular, have had to make major adjustments, including attending virtual school and missing milestone events. College admissions policies are changing as well. As a result of exam cancelations and the possibility of further disruptions to future test administrations, many colleges are temporarily waiving SAT/ACT requirements. In order to plan for the future, find out what experts are saying about new testing policies and get the latest information on which colleges and universities are either temporarily test-optional or are adopting test-optional requirements for a longer trial basis.

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Beyond College Admissions: Why the SAT and ACT are Awesome!

Few students or parents will extol the virtues of the SAT and ACT. These college admissions test sare just another requirement students have to meet in order to get into their preferred schools. Recently, however, Tests and the Rest, a college admissions podcast, interviewed David Blobaum, a consultant to schools on SAT/ACT best practices and co-founder of Summit Prep, to explain why the SAT and ACT are, in his words, “awesome.”

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A Closer Look at Remote Tutoring

There is no substitute for human-to-human interaction. And one-to-one in-person tutoring in particular, which enables a high degree of communication and personal attention, provides the opportunity for serious learning to take place.

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PDF Download: SAT/ACT Comparison

We hear it all the time here at A+ Test Prep and Tutoring: “Which test should I take? The SAT or the ACT?”

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Test Prep Priorities: SAT/ACT Essay and SAT Subject Tests

Applying to college can be stressful. Fortunately, recent changes to SAT/ACT Essay and SAT Subject Test requirements have simplified the process for most students. The SAT/ACT Essay and the SAT Subject tests are now required by only a small number of schools, giving many students the chance to focus on SAT or ACT test prep or to take only the tests guaranteed to highlight their strengths. Although it is always a good idea to verify what the schools on your list of preferred colleges want from applicants, there are some general guidelines to consider as you plan ahead.

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Pros and Cons of Test-Optional and Test-Flexible Admissions

For many college-bound students, taking the SAT or ACT test is one of the most critical steps of the college-admissions process. However, recently many colleges and universities have decided to make these tests optional for applicants.

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Requesting Copies of Your Test Questions and Answers: A Short Guide

You’ve just taken your SAT or ACT test. From the moment you close your test booklet and hand in your answer sheet, you are anticipating what your score might be. Will it match your highest goal? Will it meet your ideal school’s requirements? Will you need to sign up for another tutoring session or another test?

Those two and four digit numbers are, of course, what we all focus on. But did you know that they are not the only valuable information distributed by testing agencies? Both The College Board and ACT.org offer (under certain circumstances) copies of a tester’s questions and answers and answer keys to help the tester evaluate his or her performance. 

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A+ Featured Student: Jennifer Allison

Sometimes all you need is a friend.

Jennifer Allison is a junior going into senior year at Hatboro Horsham High School. When Jennifer’s best friend recommended A+ for test prep, Jennifer decided to check us out.

Boy was that good advice! Jennifer was able to raise her ACT score by five points—up to 23!

Jennifer took time out of her busy summer schedule of lifeguarding and swim competitions to talk about her experience with us.

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What Test Score Do I Need to Get In?

Every individual school is unique.

That sounds like a truism and not a very helpful one either. Shall we make that thought a little more specific?

Every school has its own unique set of admissions requirements. This is especially true when it comes to standardized testing. Although individual components may be similar—SATs, ACTs, essays, and SAT Subject Tests—the way colleges and universities pick and choose from these elements is far from standard. Rather than making an assumption about what a university wants to see from an applicant, your best bet is to familiarize yourself with testing requirements at each school you are interested in.

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The SAT & ACT Experimental Questions: What You Need to Know

Students, parents, and educators think a lot about standardized testing. Starting in sophomore year of high school, the SAT and ACT loom large. Which test promises more success? What will be on each section? How can a student best prepare?

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