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Opt in to Optional College Application Components

Applying to college is difficult enough without the added challenge of interpreting what to make of admission criteria labeled as “optional” or “recommended”. From personal statements to test scores, this article will demystify optional admission requirements and ultimately help students choose which optional tasks to complete in order to better secure acceptance to their preferred schools.

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Accommodating Differences: How to Secure Support for Disabilities in College

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 19 percent of undergraduates are students with disabilities. Although these students learn differently than their peers, they are no less likely to succeed in college, especially if they have access to the accommodations and support they need.

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PSAT Results: When You'll Get Them and How to Use Them

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The PSAT is administered in October, and not only can it give you a sense of your potential SAT score, but it also can help inform your preparation for an even better score. Plus, score high enough on the PSAT and you could qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. No wonder it can be an anxious wait for results!

When does the wait come to an end? How can you access and interpret your results? What should your next steps be? Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for those answers.

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A+ Professional Development

At A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, teamwork, professional development, and learning from one another are part of our company culture. Tutors at A+ attend professional development meetings in the fall and spring of each year. These meetings give tutors a unique opportunity to get support from their peers, receive vital updates on company policies, learn how to use new technological services, and receive training for cutting edge tutoring programs. It is the ideal combination of team building and professional growth. Our most recent professional development meeting was held on Saturday, October 19. 

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Get to Know the SSAT and ISEE: The Basics

Applying for admission to private or independent schools can be daunting not only because schools may have their own individual admission requirements, but also because it may be the first time parents will navigate the complex standardized testing process. Don’t panic!

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Pros and Cons of Test-Optional and Test-Flexible Admissions

For many college-bound students, taking the SAT or ACT test is one of the most critical steps of the college-admissions process. However, recently many colleges and universities have decided to make these tests optional for applicants.

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What’s New at Penn State: Highlighting Local Colleges

When you start considering where you want to spend the next four years of your academic life, it is sometimes easy to overlook all the choices we have locally.

Pennsylvania State University is a world-class institution right in our own backyard. Founded in 1855 and expanded throughout the next century-and-a-half, PSU today boasts 275 majors and 1200 student organizations on over 20 campuses, including not only University Park, but campuses closer to our area such as Abington and Berks.

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Campus Safety and You

Freshman year is here, and you are officially a collegian. Whether you intend to live on campus or commute, you will soon be moving into a new environment. There will be lots of exciting discoveries to make: classrooms, labs, study nooks, eateries, and fun spots.                                      

Before you run out to explore these new places, take a moment to consider a responsibility of paramount importance—safety. No meeting, class, test, or party is urgent enough to ignore basic safety precautions whether in the dorms or out and about.

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3 Things Your Teen Needs to Know About Living Away at College

Living on campus means studying new subjects and meeting new people—taking advantage of all that collegiate life has to offer. For many, it also marks the first time they will live independently as young adults.

If this describes you, you might want to take a minute to consider the responsibilities of living on your own.  Of course, your school cares about your well-being, and there will be people you can go to for help. But, for the first time, you may be away from parents who know your health history, dietary needs, and living habits. Never fear! With a little planning, you can begin to assume those responsibilities that all adults share.

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An A+ Interview with Tina Gregor of College Pursuit

We sat down to chat with Tina Gregor, an experienced College Admission Consultant from College Pursuit. This company, according to Tina, “provides college-bound students and their families with personalized counseling and support throughout the college selection and admission process.” College Pursuit has been instrumental in assisting students throughout the process and celebrating their acceptances to various colleges, such as Drexel, UVA, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, and many others.

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