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At A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, teamwork, professional development, and learning from one another are part of our company culture. Tutors at A+ attend professional development meetings in the fall and spring of each year. These meetings give tutors a unique opportunity to get support from their peers, receive vital updates on company policies, learn how to use new technological services, and receive training for cutting edge tutoring programs. It is the ideal combination of team building and professional growth. Our most recent professional development meeting was held on Saturday, October 19. 

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Procrastination: What It Is and How to Handle It

In our latest video, we discuss procrastination and how best to handle it. Procrastinating is something that nearly all of us do. But for some students putting off tasks can lead to the feeling that even starting them is impossible, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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What to Watch for: Some Symptoms of Executive Function Disorder (EFD)

(Part two of this two-part series discusses possible signs of executive functioning issues.)

In part one of this series, we compared and contrasted Executive Function Disorder (EFD) and ADD/ADHD. In part two, we would like to take a closer look at EFD.

In an article for Additude: Inside the ADHD Mind, Janice Rodden notes that, “EFD is a broad condition that…affects attention, learning, and social, organizational and time-management skills.”  

Okay, that’s comprehensive. Now how do you, a parent, know if your child is having trouble in these areas? What do you look for?

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Executive Function & ADD/ADHD - Part I

(Part one of this two-part series examines the relationship between executive functioning issues and ADD or ADHD.)

ADD, ADHD, EFD, IEP. If you are encountering all these acronyms for the first time, you might feel as if you are wading in alphabet soup. How are these terms related?

First, let’s do a little decoding.

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Effective Executive Function Skills—Organization Tips for Busy Students (and Parents!)

Several times during the run of the hit TV series Sherlock, the title character (Sherlock Holmes) uses a memory technique called a “mind palace” to call up information stored in his brain. TV plots being what they are, the attempt nearly always yields spectacular results.

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Can My Child Benefit From Executive Function Coaching?

(Part 2 in our Executive Function series. Check out last week's EF article: The Importance of Developing Effective Executive Function Skills).

According to the medical website WebMD, “problems with executive function can run in families. You may notice them when your child starts going to school.”

Among other signs, the site recommends being aware of the following:

Initiating—planning or starting projects (the but-it’s-due-tomorrow scenario). A student has a major assignment that he or she has known about for weeks (or even months). Let’s say Jenneane’s teacher assigns a history folder that requires several essays, maps and illustrations, and a short presentation. The work could easily be completed by doing one or two sections a week over the course of a month.

Jenneane, however, comes home the night before the folder is due, watches TV, and eats dinner. Around 7 or 8, she starts to look around to see if she has the supplies she needs. Even if she is lucky and finds everything she needs AND manages to convince Mom and Dad to let her pull an all-nighter, the quality of her work is likely to be poorer than if she had prepared properly.
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The Importance of Developing Effective Executive Function Skills

Part 1: What Are Executive Function Skills and Why Does My Child Need Them?

(Part 1 of a two-part informational series: Part 1 defines executive functioning (EF) and discusses why some students have problems in this area.)

What is executive functioning?

For a basic definition, we first go to authors Joyce Cooper-Kahn and Laurie Dietzel. In their article for LD Online, they state that “executive functions all serve a ‘command and control’ function; they can be viewed as the “conductor” of all cognitive skills. Executive functions help you manage life tasks of all types.”

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