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Remote Tutoring with A+

A+ is based in the Philadelphia area, but we work with students worldwide. We have worked with students in Tennessee, Hawaii, and even Doha, Qatar!

Given how busy today’s teens are, meeting online may be the perfect option, eliminating travel time and making it possible to fit a session in between all of their other commitments. Students are less likely to miss tutoring sessions due to weather, travel delays, etc.

A+ remote tutoring sessions are convenient, productive, and user-friendly. All you need are a desk, a computer, and a quiet space.  All necessary course materials will be mailed to you.

In addition to being convenient, the no-travel aspect of remote tutoring can boost session productivity. Working in a familiar environment allows for maximum concentration and retention. The student is relaxed and receptive to new concepts and strategies.

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A+ Featured Student: Alec Kane


We sat down with Alec Kane, a Friends Select School junior, who recently went through A+’s SAT prep course with stupendous results! Alec tested in March of 2019 and scored a 1500. That’s a 230-point leap from his original diagnostic score of 1270.

Like many of our students, Alec was drawn to A+ based on positive recommendations from friends. He also followed in the footsteps of an older brother who had done test prep with us.

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A+ Featured Student: Katie Benoliel

We sat down with Katie Benoliel from Germantown Friends School to discuss her A+ experience. Just last month, Katie was able to improve her SAT score by 140 points (over her PSAT score)! 

A+: What brought you and your family to A+?

Katie: It was my friends! I kept hearing how much they were learning and how successful they were with A+. I decided to come to you when it was time to prepare for my college entrance tests. I was a little worried about standardized testing. I go to Germantown Friends School right now. 

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Featured Test Prep Student: Rachel Reale

Rachel Reale is a person who likes to get straight to the point.

When she was looking for a test prep program to help her through the standardized testing experience, Rachel knew just what she wanted. She wanted information that would help her determine which test was right for her—the ACT or the SAT.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Eli Minkoff

Eli Minkoff, whose pronouns are they/them/theirs, took a good thing and made it better.

Many students would be content with an ACT score of 29, but Eli wasn’t satisfied. They wanted to soar to new heights, and got there when they earned a 34!

A+ spoke with Eli about this impressive accomplishment.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Cole Moros

Cole Moros believes the sky is the limit.

Like many of our students, Cole was introduced to A+ through a family member. His brother worked with us extensively on school subjects and test prep. He did well and recommended us to Cole.

When Cole came to A+, his SAT score was already an impressive 1370, but he believed he could still do better. By working hard and staying focused, he was able to raise it to 1560—almost a perfect score!

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Featured Test Prep Student: Aengus Dublin

Establishing a good relationship between tutor and student is crucial to success. Aengus developed a relationship with his tutors, Kevin Holsopple and Julie Mueller, that just “clicked,” to use his words.

We asked him to elaborate.

“They were both comforting and supportive,” Aengus told us. “They let me know it was okay to make mistakes.”

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Featured Test Prep Student: Amanda Fricker

“Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes progress.”

That is the maxim that Amanda Fricker quoted to us when we sat down to talk about her A+ experience. It’s the philosophy that enabled her to raise her ACT score from 25 to 28.

Amanda, who lives in Bucks County, is a student at Council Rock North High School. In addition to belonging to the National English, French, and Social Studies Honor Societies, she plays field hockey, is a member of ski club, and participates in SHARE (Students Helping Area Residents Effectively). As part of SHARE, Amanda contributes to the community. She has tutored at-risk inner city students. During the recent storms, she shoveled walkways for homeowners who couldn’t do it on their own. When she started studying for her standardized tests, she had a lot on her plate!

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Featured Test Prep Student: Matthew Catanzariti

In 2017, La Salle College High School student Matthew Catanzariti had a busy summer and fall planned. Among other responsibilities, he juggled a summer job, competitive tennis, and family activities.

Matthew also had a goal: to raise his SAT scores. He did. His total score shot up from 960 to 1130 (almost 200 points!).

We sat down with Matthew to talk about his A+ experience.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Sonoi Kawakami

Philadelphia’s A+ Test Prep and Tutoring is making waves in Hawaii! Recently we sat down to talk with Hawaii resident Sonoi Kawakami (by phone, of course) about her experiences and achievements working online with our tutor, Julie Mueller.

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