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Accommodating Differences: How to Secure Support for Disabilities in College

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 19 percent of undergraduates are students with disabilities. Although these students learn differently than their peers, they are no less likely to succeed in college, especially if they have access to the accommodations and support they need.

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Securing College Learning Support Accommodations [Updated]

Contributed by Paul Meschter, PA Licensed and School Certified Psychologist

Entering college is a challenging transition for all students, and one that is particularly demanding for learning support and health impaired students who have benefited from a learning support IEP of Chapter 504 service plan.

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Protecting your Child from Bullies – Students with Disabilities

How can I keep my child safe?

It’s one of the first questions a parent asks. It’s a question a parent never stops asking. One of most significant threats to a child's safety and well-being is also the most difficult to combat: bullying. Children with disabilities are especially vulnerable.

How can a parent respond? Being informed is a good place to start.

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Standardized Testing and ADD/ADHD

It’s a rare student who leaps out of bed, glances at the calendar, and shouts, “Yay! Today’s the day I get to take a standardized test!”

For most people, testing is a tough activity. It requires focus. Strong reading comprehension skills and excellent math skills can lead to successful outcomes, but they don’t necessarily make the testing experience fun.  

What is rigorous for the average student can be doubly so for a student dealing with learning disabilities such as ADD or ADHD. 

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Standardized Testing and the Dyslexic Student

Someone once said that a standardized test best measures how well a student takes a standardized test. Though this statement is a bit oversimplified, there is a kernel of truth in it. So what is the flip side? Are there students who struggle with the SAT or ACT because of format issues alone—irrespective of content?

Absolutely, say Fernette Eide (“Dyslexia Accommodations for College Exams – PSAT, SAT, and ACT”) and Kyle Redford (“For Dyslexic Test-Takers, the New SAT Is Even Worse”). Even if the content of the test is at the student’s level, Redford raises the point that “standardized test environments in no way resemble school environment.” The testing experience itself is new, unfamiliar, and qualitatively different than anything the student’s academic background has prepared him or her for.

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Philadelphia-Area Tutors for Students with Learning Disabilities

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring helps students get to the next level. Sometimes that means preparing a student to earn the few extra SAT points he needs to be accepted into his dream school. However, we also help students with a broad range of learning disabilities to prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a parent, you may feel stress, anxiety, and guilt about your student’s learning issues—but you’re not alone. Whether you live near our Montgomeryville or Jenkintown location or prefer in-home sessions, our tutors can bring your student the specialized attention he needs to succeed. The following are some reasons that A+ Test Prep & Tutoring’s one-to-one services may be particularly beneficial to students with special learning needs.  

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Brain Myths: Debunking Common Misconceptions Affecting Education

Despite the fact that the brain and learning are closely intertwined, neuroscience and classroom teaching are not often discussed together. And while parents and teachers don’t have to be neuroscientists to educate students, knowing how the human brain really functions can help us better understand how students learn and what they are capable of.

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For Learning Support Students Who Will Be Applying to College: Three Things Every Parent Needs to Know

If your high school student has a learning support IEP or Chapter 504 plan for ADD or another health concern, continuing the accommodations that were granted to him during his elementary and secondary school years into his college years will greatly increase his chances of completing a college degree. However, many parents don’t know how to secure these accommodations in advance and, regrettably, many high schools do not inform students and their parents about it

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Securing Learning Disabilities Support Accommodations in College

What Parents and Learning Support Students Need to Know (and What Your High School Might Not Tell You!)

Entering college is a challenging transition for all students, but it can be particularly demanding for students who have benefited from a learning support Individualized Education Program (IEP) in high school. The IEP likely includes accommodations that have helped the student acquire and retain the curriculum, as well as enhance his or her ability to demonstrate that knowledge. Students with specific learning disabilities can greatly increase their chances of success in college if they continue their accommodations at the college level. However, most parents are unaware that it is necessary to obtain an independent evaluation in order to do so.

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How to Improve Reading and Writing Skills: Tips for Dyslexic Students by Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia is a learning disability that one in five Americans face every day, a disorder that can impede a student’s ability to proficiently read, write, and spell. There is no medication for dyslexia, but fortunately, there are plenty of dependable resources that can help people with dyslexia become good readers and writers.

In “Tips from Dyslexic Students for Dyslexic Students,” an article from the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity by Nancy Hall, dyslexic students who have worked to improve their own reading and writing skills share tips on managing time, using the right technology, and staying positive.

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