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Can an SAT Exam Be Too Easy?

What happened?

That’s what high school students and their parents were asking this summer after taking the June 2018 SAT. Shocked and angry are perhaps the two words that best describe these families.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Eli Minkoff

Eli Minkoff, whose pronouns are they/them/theirs, took a good thing and made it better.

Many students would be content with an ACT score of 29, but Eli wasn’t satisfied. They wanted to soar to new heights, and got there when they earned a 34!

A+ spoke with Eli about this impressive accomplishment.

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College Fit: What It Means and How to Find It

Contributed by: Stacey Cunitz, Director of Blue Moon Educational Consulting

Last month we examined the US News rankings and why they are not a good way to conduct your college search. This month, we will take a look at the notion of “fit” and how to find it.

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8 Ways to Use Your Gap Year Wisely

Submitted by ContinueLearning_AC

Maximizing your gap year to the fullest requires careful planning and scheduling. You can still use it as a period to recharge, though there’s always a concern that students can easily get sidetracked. Get the most out of your gap year by formulating a plan that establishes clear and detailed goals.

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Mindprint is Coming to A+!

(Part one of a two-part series.)

Mindprint is now available from A+ Test Prep and Tutoring!

What is Mindprint?

Do you ever wonder why Evan’s tests don’t reflect what he knows? Why is Autumn so motivated in math but so reluctant to do her nightly reading? You can find out why. Mindprint will provide insight into how your child navigates his or her academic environment, which will ultimately help develop her abilities to their full potential.

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Why US News and World Report Rankings Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Contributed by: Stacey Cunitz, Director of Blue Moon Educational Consulting

Each year, US News and World Report (USNWR) releases its rankings of colleges, and everyone scrambles to figure out what they mean. On the face of it, they are purporting to tell us which colleges are the “best” colleges. However, when we take the time to unpack the methodology, what we find out is that, at best, the rankings simply reinforce the status quo. At worst, the rankings make us overlook some schools that are doing great work and might be the right fit for a particular student.

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Procrastination: What It Is and How to Handle It

In our latest video, we discuss procrastination and how best to handle it. Procrastinating is something that nearly all of us do. But for some students putting off tasks can lead to the feeling that even starting them is impossible, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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What You Need to Know About the Coalition App

Contributed by: Laura Blanche

With summer approaching and the college application season ramping up for rising seniors, there is a fairly new application platform and free college planning tool available called the Coalition App, which is short for The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. Introduced a couple of years ago, the Coalition has grown to over 140-member colleges that accept it as a form of application to their college or university. There are three universities—The University of Maryland,  The University of Florida, and The University of Washington—that exclusively use the Coalition App as their own. A full list of member colleges can be viewed on the Coalition website: coalitionforcollegeaccess.org.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Aengus Dublin

Establishing a good relationship between tutor and student is crucial to success. Aengus developed a relationship with his tutors, Kevin Holsopple and Julie Mueller, that just “clicked,” to use his words.

We asked him to elaborate.

“They were both comforting and supportive,” Aengus told us. “They let me know it was okay to make mistakes.”

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Featured Tutor: Kevin Holsopple

Meet Kevin Holsopple, our A+ tutor in the spotlight.

Kevin has worn many hats in his lifetime, and he brings the accompanying experience with him to A+ Test Prep and Tutoring to serve our students.

Care to discuss degrees? Kevin holds both a BS and MS in nuclear engineering from Penn State. He also possesses an MBA and a master’s in environmental engineering from the same institution.

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