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Philadelphia-Area Tutors for Students with Learning Disabilities

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring helps students get to the next level. Sometimes that means preparing a student to earn the few extra SAT points he needs to be accepted into his dream school. However, we also help students with a broad range of learning disabilities to prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a parent, you may feel stress, anxiety, and guilt about your student’s learning issues—but you’re not alone. Whether you live near our Gwynedd or Jenkintown location or prefer in-home sessions, our tutors can bring your student the specialized attention he needs to succeed. The following are some reasons that A+ Test Prep & Tutoring’s one-to-one services may be particularly beneficial to students with special learning needs.  

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Philadelphia-Area Tutor Shares How To Engage Students

This week we’d like to spotlight A+ tutor Tom Spencer. Tom is a software development management consultant, with a bachelor's degree in math from Bucknell University.

Tom works with our ACT and SAT prep students on the math portions of the test. He also tutors our Philadelphia-area students in Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Probability & Statistics, and Trigonometry.

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ACT Tutoring Student Success Story -- McLean Dyer

McLean Dyer is the kind of person one thinks of when the phrase “practice makes perfect" is used.

Though McLean is from Wayne, Pennsylvania, he’s attending high school at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, a premier tennis academy in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

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A+ Tutor Bob Wolpert Shares Why Teaching Is Magical

This week we'd like to spotlight A+ tutor Bob Wolpert. Bob, a full-time math teacher for more than 40 years, who specializes in geometry and algebra tutoring for our Philadelphia area tutoring students. He also works one-to-one with our ACT and SAT test prep students on the math sections of the college admissions exams.

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A+ Philadelphia Tutor Cathy Shares Why She Loves Tutoring

All of our Philadelphia tutors love working with our students on a day-to-day basis. To get an idea of why they love doing what they do, we decided to ask them at a recent professional development conference.

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When Is It Time to Seek a Tutor?: Philadelphia Family Magazine Feature

Last week A+ Test Prep and Tutoring president Daniel Ascher, M.Ed. was featured in Philadelphia Family Magazine's Asked and Answered article, "When Is It Time to Seek a Tutor?"

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Reserve Your Summer 2013 Tutor Now, Before Schedules Fill Up!

2013 Summer Tutoring from A+ Test Prep and Tutoring


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