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A+ One-To-One Remote Tutoring

Whether used out of convenience or necessity, online remote tutoring is an effective way to receive personalized instruction, from anywhere at any time, on a range of subjects. However, the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has made tutoring at our offices or at home a challenge, presents a unique opportunity to become familiar with and take advantage of A+ Test Prep and Tutoring’s one-to-one remote tutoring.

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COVID-19 Updates and Resources for the SAT/ACT and AP Exams

Information Updated as of June 18, 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many aspects of our daily lives have changed, including scheduled administrations of important college admissions tests. The SAT, ACT, and AP exams have all been affected. In order to stay on track, keep updated on the latest information, continue to actively prepare for your tests, and take advantage of free resources offered by A+ Test Prep and Tutoring.

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College Board Suspends Effort to Create At-Home SAT

With all of the cancellations of SAT and ACT college admissions exam administrations this spring, both College Board and ACT, Inc. announced that they'd be working to provide online versions of their exams. Their thinking was that given the health concerns surrounding offering an in-person exam, and the fact that schools might not be eager to host in-person exams this fall, providing students with an at-home option could allow students who otherwise might not be able to take one of these exams the chance to sit for an exam.

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Self-Proctoring: Simulate the Real SAT/ACT and Get Real Results

Why Self-Proctor?

Before opening night of a play, actors conduct dress rehearsals to ensure a successful performance. It is similarly worthwhile to complete proctored SAT/ACT exams that simulate typical testing conditions.

Current and prospective A+ Test Prep students preparing to take the SAT or ACT can take advantage of the free proctored exams that A+ offers two Saturdays a month. Yet, if a student can’t make it in person to take a proctored exam, or if a student simply wants to practice at home, self-proctoring is a sensible substitute. The current concerns and cancellations related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) make self-proctoring an especially suitable and timely alternative.

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Should I Write the Optional SAT or ACT Essay?

To write or not to write: that was the question. Not long ago, the essay portions of the SAT and ACT were optional in the same way extra credit is optional; therefore, the question of whether to do the essay was why not? Now, however, the question is shortened to why?

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PDF Download: SAT/ACT Comparison

We hear it all the time here at A+ Test Prep and Tutoring: “Which test should I take? The SAT or the ACT?”

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Test Prep Priorities: SAT/ACT Essay and SAT Subject Tests

Applying to college can be stressful. Fortunately, recent changes to SAT/ACT Essay and SAT Subject Test requirements have simplified the process for most students. The SAT/ACT Essay and the SAT Subject tests are now required by only a small number of schools, giving many students the chance to focus on SAT or ACT test prep or to take only the tests guaranteed to highlight their strengths. Although it is always a good idea to verify what the schools on your list of preferred colleges want from applicants, there are some general guidelines to consider as you plan ahead.

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PSAT Results: When You'll Get Them and How to Use Them

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The PSAT is administered in October, and not only can it give you a sense of your potential SAT score, but it also can help inform your preparation for an even better score. Plus, score high enough on the PSAT and you could qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. No wonder it can be an anxious wait for results!

When does the wait come to an end? How can you access and interpret your results? What should your next steps be? Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for those answers.

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Philadelphia-Area Tutors for Students with Learning Disabilities

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring helps students get to the next level. Sometimes that means preparing a student to earn the few extra SAT points he needs to be accepted into his dream school. However, we also help students with a broad range of learning disabilities to prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a parent, you may feel stress, anxiety, and guilt about your student’s learning issues—but you’re not alone. Whether you live near our Montgomeryville or Jenkintown location or prefer in-home sessions, our tutors can bring your student the specialized attention he needs to succeed. The following are some reasons that A+ Test Prep & Tutoring’s one-to-one services may be particularly beneficial to students with special learning needs.  

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Philadelphia-Area Tutor Shares How To Engage Students

This week we’d like to spotlight A+ tutor Tom Spencer. Tom is a software development management consultant, with a bachelor's degree in math from Bucknell University.

Tom works with our ACT and SAT prep students on the math portions of the test. He also tutors our Philadelphia-area students in Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Probability & Statistics, and Trigonometry.

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