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Reading Questions: SAT vs. ACT

Good reading comprehension is a cornerstone of success on the SAT and ACT. However (as you might expect), it is more crucial on the Reading sections of both tests.

Reading comprehension is actually a portmanteau term, as it combines several skills. You must not only decode information, but you must also understand what you have read and be able to answer questions that require you to analyze, infer, predict, and apply.

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3 Strategies to Help Improve Reading Comprehension on the SAT and ACT

Mastering reading comprehension is a key component of preparing for the ACT and SAT. After all, a student cannot be successful on these tests without a clear understanding of what each question asks, the nuances of each reading passage, and what a writing prompt outlines. Fully grasping the meaning of what you’re reading involves many layers.

Julie Mueller, one of our A+ tutors, helps students with ACT and SAT prep, as well as subjects ranging from algebra to literature. She suggests students focus on three helpful strategies.

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Test Prep Tip: SAT Critical Reading (formerly SAT Verbal) Section [Video]

Students are always looking for tips to improve their reading comprehension on the critical reading section of the SAT (formerly known as the SAT verbal portion). Students can easily become overwhelmed by reading passages, making it difficult to answer questions. A+ ACT and SAT test prep tutor, Anson Han, provides a great tip about using comprehension skills to answer questions on the critical reading section.
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Top Four Tips: What to Do If Your Child Doesn't Like to Read?

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February 2011 Newsletter

In this issue:

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Classic Literature Now Available in Manga Format

Cliffs Notes, the company that publishes the study guides that students have relied on for generations, sometimes to the dismay of their teachers, has published a new line of books in the Manga format.

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The 7 Keys to Reading Comprehension

1. Using background knowledge (schema)
Proficient readers recall their relevant background knowledge before, during and after they read.

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