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Test-Optional: Recent Changes and How Testing Still Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic changes in our lives. Students, in particular, have had to make major adjustments, including attending virtual school and missing milestone events. College admissions policies are changing as well. As a result of exam cancelations and the possibility of further disruptions to future test administrations, many colleges are temporarily waiving SAT/ACT requirements. In order to plan for the future, find out what experts are saying about new testing policies and get the latest information on which colleges and universities are either temporarily test-optional or are adopting test-optional requirements for a longer trial basis.

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Beyond College Admissions: Why the SAT and ACT are Awesome!

Few students or parents will extol the virtues of the SAT and ACT. These college admissions test sare just another requirement students have to meet in order to get into their preferred schools. Recently, however, Tests and the Rest, a college admissions podcast, interviewed David Blobaum, a consultant to schools on SAT/ACT best practices and co-founder of Summit Prep, to explain why the SAT and ACT are, in his words, “awesome.”

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A Closer Look at Remote Tutoring

There is no substitute for human-to-human interaction. And one-to-one in-person tutoring in particular, which enables a high degree of communication and personal attention, provides the opportunity for serious learning to take place.

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Remote Tutoring with A+

A+ is based in the Philadelphia area, but we work with students worldwide. We have worked with students in Tennessee, Hawaii, and even Doha, Qatar!

Given how busy today’s teens are, meeting online is the perfect option, eliminating travel time and making it possible to fit a session in between all of their other commitments. Students are less likely to miss tutoring sessions due to weather, travel delays, etc.

And of course, with the COVID-19 crisis keeping everyone at home, it is for the time-being, the only way for tutors and students to work together.

A+ remote tutoring sessions are convenient, productive, and user-friendly. All you need are a desk, a computer, and a quiet space.  All necessary course materials will be mailed to you.

In addition to being convenient, the no-travel aspect of remote tutoring can boost session productivity. Working in a familiar environment allows for maximum concentration and retention. The student is relaxed and receptive to new concepts and strategies.

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