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The SAT and ACT Math Sections: Which Works Better for You?

Math is math is math. The Pythagorean Theorem is always a²+b²=c². The square root of 144 is always 12 (unless it’s -12).

You might think it logically follows that one math test is like another. However, that is not always the case! Taking the SAT math test can be a very different experience than taking the ACT version.

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When Should I Start ACT or SAT Test Prep? Downloadable PDF

Preparing for the SAT or ACT is a lengthy process that we recommend starting in the spring of your sophomore year of high school or the following summer.

Starting with a free proctored SAT or ACT Exam is a great way to gain some initial practice and assess your baseline score(s). Based on your test-taking experience and score, we can help you decide which exam you should prepare for – either the ACT or the SAT.

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Featured Test Prep Student: Maddie Hunt

Recently we sat down with Maddie Hunt, one of our A+ Featured Students, to talk about her success and her experience in our SAT test prep program. Here’s what she had to say!

Q: What brought you to A+?

Maddie: My older brother referred me. He went through the program before me and had a great experience. So when it came time for me to take my SATs, it was natural to come to A+.

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Scan + Score Allows Instant Access to SAT Practice Test Scores

Last year, The College Board announced the launch of a new smartphone application: Daily Practice for the New SAT.

“The Daily Practice for the New SAT app is a remarkable tool. Students are empowered to own their learning; all they need is a pencil, paper and a cell phone,” said College Board President David Coleman.

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How Do I Prepare for the SAT Essay Prompt?

To succeed in something new, it’s important to understand it. This rule of thumb is no different for the new style and structure of the SAT, which has recently undergone a makeover. Between 2005 and 2016, the SAT was broken up into three sections: Math, Reading, and Writing, which included the essay and multiple-choice language questions. Since March of this year, the SAT has undergone a complete overhaul.

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SAT Essay Prompts: 3 Objectives for Success

In March 2016, the College Board redesigned the entire SAT, including the writing portion of the test. The new SAT Essay section asks students to read a provided source text of approximately two pages, analyze it, and write a response. This is in contrast to students presenting their own opinions and arguments in response to a short prompt, which was the focus of the old test.

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How Do New SAT Scores Compare to Old SAT Scores?

The College Board changed the structure and scoring of the SAT test beginning with the March 5, 2016, administration of the test. We shared our initial reaction to the new SAT a few months ago, but now that we have a few rounds of the new test’s scores to consider, let’s look at a question we frequently get here at A+: How does the new SAT compare to the old SAT?

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Initial Reflections on the “New” SAT

March 5, 2016, was a very important day in the world of college admissions testing. It was the first administration of the new SAT (also known as the revised SAT, or rSAT). The last revision of the SAT was in 2005 and involved replacing the 1600-point scale (800 Math/800 Verbal) with a 2400-point scale (800 Math/800 Critical Reading/800 Writing). The 2016 rSAT brings the 1600-point scale back, providing scores in two sections: “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” and Math. 

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Featured Test Prep Student: Nicole Tan

Sixteen-year-old Nicole Tan is a junior at Wissahickon High School in Lower Gwynedd, PA. Nicole stays busy with dance, the robotics team, math club, and key club—but she is also looking toward her future.

Like her classmates in the class of 2017, Nicole will face a unique situation with college admissions testing: the new SAT will first appear during the spring of her junior year, which is a popular time for students to take the SAT. Because of this timing, Nicole wanted to be sure to take the current version of the SAT, so she took it in June following her sophomore year. 

“I wanted to take the old SAT. There is more study material out for it, and it isn’t as similar to the ACT as the new SAT will be,” she said.

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Test Prep Tip for Parents: Helping Your Student Become a Better Test Taker [Video]

Parents often ask what they can do to help their children become better test takers. A+ tutor, Anson Han, has a few tips for preparing your student for success on the SAT and ACT.

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