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Executive Function Coaching Helps!

Many, if not all, parents have heard something like the following from a child: "I forgot my books at school." "I didn't know I had an assignment." "I did study, I just didn't know how." "I don't have time to finish my work." "I c an't do it."
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Avoiding Overconfidence in Test Preparation

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Help for Test Anxiety

New research conducted by scientists at The University of Chicago has found that having students arrive 10 minutes early to write about their feelings prior to an exam can eliminate test anxiety.

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Hilarious Physics Lessons!

Check out this extremely funny look at the laws of physics by Christoph Niemann of The New York Times. This is a great way for students to learn or reinforce their knowledge of the basics of physics. Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, designer and author whose work is featured in The New Yorker Magazine, Newsweek, Wired, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration. His work has won numerous awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Art Directors Club and American Illustration.

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September 2010 Newsletter

Should Your Student Consider a Non-traditional College or Program?

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Preparation is Key to Success on SAT

From the Today Show on NBC, a student with a perfect SAT score talks about how he did it, and gives some advice to other students on good test preparation practices.

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How to Estimate Almost Anything!

Sanjoy Mahajan, an engineering professor at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can come up with an extremely close estimate of almost any quantity you can think of. For example, do you know how much money a Brinks truck can carry? Or the annual budget for the State of Delaware? Professor Mahajan discusses how he comes up with spot-on estimates when starting with almost no information. Click here to read the full article, in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Help for Unmotivated Students

The Motivation Breakthrough, by Rick Lavoie, is a great resource for parents and teachers some ways to help an unmotivated child or student. Lavoie explodes some common myths about motivation: for instance, he demonstrates that rewards, punishment, and competition are not effective motivational tools. He gives specific advice throughout for parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities and provides detailed instructions for how to create a motivated classroom.

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