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January 2016 SAT -- Three SAT Verbal Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)*

*Please note: This post applies to the current SAT test format. Starting in March 2016, a new format for the SAT test will be in place. For more information on these upcoming changes, click here.

The SAT Verbal sections can be intimidating. Surely you and your student have heard horror stories about the thousands of words he or she needs to memorize before facing the SAT or the purposely tricky reading passages and sentence completion questions. It is true that your child needs to pay close attention when it comes to the SAT Verbal section—but there are ways to combat the challenges it presents. Take a look at the simple tips below. 

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Test Prep Tip: SAT Critical Reading (formerly SAT Verbal) Section [Video]

Students are always looking for tips to improve their reading comprehension on the critical reading section of the SAT (formerly known as the SAT verbal portion). Students can easily become overwhelmed by reading passages, making it difficult to answer questions. A+ ACT and SAT test prep tutor, Anson Han, provides a great tip about using comprehension skills to answer questions on the critical reading section.
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5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s SAT Verbal Score

Let’s assume your student has already taken the SAT (or perhaps the PSAT), and his or her math score was stellar, but the Writing and Critical Reading sections provided some stumbling blocks. If your child wants to study math or science in college, you may not think the SAT verbal score matters much, but remember that colleges want well-rounded students and look at overall SAT scores. Here are five ways to help your student “wow” college admissions counselors with an improved SAT verbal score.

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ACT Vocabulary Preparation: Resources to Build Verbal Skills

Making time to prepare for the ACT on top of your busy high school schedule may seem like a daunting task. But even if you don’t have large chunks of time to dedicate to taking lots of practice exams, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare.

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5 Ways to Improve Your ACT Vocabulary

ACT Vocabulary

Are you trying to figure out how to study ACT vocabulary? You might be surprised to learn that vocabulary is not directly measured on the ACT test. Nevertheless, a better vocabulary will allow you to more easily dissect passages in all sections of the ACT, plus it will strengthen your essay on the Writing section. Let’s take a look at what the experts say.
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Abington Senior High School - Student Success Story

Julia Glassman, Abington Senior High School

FEATURED SAT Student: Julia Glassman, Abington Senior High School
220 Point SAT Score Increase

Julia Glassman is not your typical junior in high school. From her highly organized schedule to her people skills, she has a lot of traits that will contribute to her success in the future, according to her A+ Test Prep tutors, John Ambrose and Pam Carroll.

Both describe her as a highly motivated young woman who was easy to work with and ready to learn. John said, "She had a great attitude towards the material, towards me, towards the future and towards taking the test."

"One of the things I found delightful about her was that she asked so many great questions," Pam shared. "Most people are terrified of acknowledging they've made a mistake and admitting they have no idea why," Pam said. This wasn't the case with Julia. She was always ready to figure out what she could do to improve.

John, who works as an executive recruiter during the day, immediately noticed Julia's people skills. "Academic or book learning is an important part of success, but people skills are just as important," John said. "The way Julia connects with people will serve her well in the future."

Perhaps one of the things that's helped her develop her outgoing attitude is the work she is doing in hopes of achieving the Congressional Award, awarded by the U.S. Congress, to young people who demonstrate initiative, achievement and service.

Julia is also very good at managing her schedule. "I have so much stuff going on that I have to be organized. I put myself on a schedule," she said. Julia is in her ninth year of karate, plays trombone in the Abington Senior High School Band, serves as a board member for the Jewish teen leadership organization BBYO, teaches Hebrew school, and has a full schedule of honors classes.

Pam was impressed by Julia's organizational skills. "She would prioritize what was important so no other activities suffered" as she was preparing for the test, Pam said.

Julia found that Pam and John "understood what I needed help on and didn't waste time on the rest." "They worked on what would help me the most, and did not take the same approach as they would with another student," she said.

John helped Julia determine the optimal number of questions to answer on each math section, based upon her skill level and the total amount of time available.

To help Julia with the vocabulary portion of the SAT, Pam used stories and nursery rhymes to assist with memorization. "I have her voice engraved in my brain when I go to answer different questions," Julia said.

Her work on SAT vocabulary has changed the way she looks at words, Julia said. "I look at vocabulary differently. I'm thinking, 'What is this related to? What's the root word?'"

Walking in to her SAT, Julia felt pumped up. With a pep talk from Pam the night before, Julia was thinking, "Yea, let's do this," she said. Her preparation and positive attitude helped her improve her SAT score 220 points.

Excited to share the news of her improvement, she called both of her tutors after getting her score. "It made me feel like the work I did was valuable," John said. This was one more example of her fantastic people skills, he said.

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January 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:

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October 2010 Newsletter

In This Issue

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The I's Have It

Here is a timely take on the the age-old question of whether to use "I" or "me."

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