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SAT or ACT? Find Out Which Test is Right for You

You’re in high school, or you may be the parent of a student in high school. You’re looking towards future possibilities: college, graduate school, graduations, internships, careers.

Not so fast! First, there’s a test.

Actually, there are two tests. College-bound students usually take either the SAT or the ACT as part of their admissions path. The need to choose between the two can trigger several questions.

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Practice Matters: The Importance of Proctored Practice Exams

What does it take to excel?

In “Why Practice Tests Matter So Much,”an article written for the website Chariot Learning, author Mike Bergin asks us to consider some examples that illustrate the value of practice.

“Have you ever met someone who planned to take her road test without first logging as much time as possible behind the wheel? Do you know any athletes that expect to play if they miss practice? How about actors who perform without ever rehearsing?”

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Mind over Matter: Dealing with Test Anxiety

“I’m just not a good test taker.”

If you come in contact with school-age students, you may have heard this lament.

There are many factors that contribute to success on tests. Typically, one of the largest factors is a student’s consistency in completing everyday tasks like homework. If the student is not completing his homework, you can expect that he will struggle with tests. In contrast, some students have high test grades and poor homework grades. More commonly, though, students do well on classwork and homework but receive average or poor test scores. In some cases, this is due to what is known as “test anxiety.”

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Five Things You Should Know About Taking the New ACT Writing Test

The ACT Writing section took on a new format in September 2015, which changes the way students should prepare for this optional segment of the test. Here are five things you should know about the New ACT Writing Test.

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January 2016 SAT -- Three SAT Verbal Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)*

*Please note: This post applies to the current SAT test format. Starting in March 2016, a new format for the SAT test will be in place. For more information on these upcoming changes, click here.

The SAT Verbal sections can be intimidating. Surely you and your student have heard horror stories about the thousands of words he or she needs to memorize before facing the SAT or the purposely tricky reading passages and sentence completion questions. It is true that your child needs to pay close attention when it comes to the SAT Verbal section—but there are ways to combat the challenges it presents. Take a look at the simple tips below. 

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ACT Writing Enhancements for Fall 2015

The optional essay section (Writing test) of the ACT is changing beginning with the September 12, 2015 test date. The revised ACT essay format was designed to provide more insights to help students become college and career ready.

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Rollout of New SAT Test Impacts Philadelphia Area

Colleges, students, and test prep providers adjust to testing changes

Jenkintown, PA – The College Board’s flagship college admissions test, the SAT, has been completely redesigned. These major structural and content-related changes will be seen for the first time on the March 2016 SAT. Stakeholders are determining the best course of action for dealing with an unfamiliar test. For colleges, that might mean changing testing requirements; for test prep providers, that means adjusting SAT curriculum and strategies to prepare students.

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How Lack of Sleep Is Detrimental to Teens

At times, teenagers seem to speak a foreign language consisting of sighs, eye rolls, and shoulder shrugs that can be difficult to decode. But the yawn is one signal that is easily understood. And while a yawn typically signifies a need for sleep, lack of sleep among teens is a bigger problem than a simple nap can solve.

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ACT Writing Prompts: 5 Examples to Help Your Student Prepare

If your student is a strong writer, taking the ACT Writing test is probably a no-brainer, but those who struggle with writing assignments in school may be hesitant to take this optional section of the exam. The time limit of the ACT Writing section may also be intimidating for some students. Our message is simple: Don’t sweat it!

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5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s SAT Verbal Score

Let’s assume your student has already taken the SAT (or perhaps the PSAT), and his or her math score was stellar, but the Writing and Critical Reading sections provided some stumbling blocks. If your child wants to study math or science in college, you may not think the SAT verbal score matters much, but remember that colleges want well-rounded students and look at overall SAT scores. Here are five ways to help your student “wow” college admissions counselors with an improved SAT verbal score.

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