Clearances Required for Employment at A+

Please use the links below to access the websites for the required employment clearances. Applicable fees are listed below as well. Note that A+ provides fee reimbursement for new tutors after they have successfully completed their first 15 hours of tutoring.

PA Criminal Record Check ($22)

PA Child Abuse Clearance ($13)

FBI Fingerprinting ($22.60), Use PA Service Code 1KG6V5

PA Driving Record Check ($10)

 A separate form must be completed for:
     1. Current employer; and
     2. All former employers that were school entities; and
     3. All former employers where you were in a position that involved direct contact with children.
     4. Click here for instructions on how to complete this form.


A+ Recommendation Form

(provide to those writing recommendations for you)
A+ Recommendation Form (download)