Becoming an A+ Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does A+ Test Prep & Tutoring do?
      We offer one-to-one tutoring in our offices or in our students’ homes. Our offices are located in Jenkintown and Gwynedd, PA. Our at-home services are available throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs. Our online services are available to students with internet access. You tell us generally when and where you are available to tutor and we match you with students accordingly. It is very flexible and very part-time.
  • If I am interested in becoming a tutor for A+, what kind of background do I need?
      We look for people with a wide variety of backgrounds. It depends on the type of tutoring you are interested in doing. For instance, requirements for becoming a test-prep tutor are quite different from those required for elementary tutoring.


Feel free to try out one or both of our self-evaluation quizzes to see if you have the kind of knowledge we look for in our tutors:

Math Self-Evaluation Quiz
Verbal Self-Evaluation Quiz


Regardless of how you do here, if you are interested in becoming a tutor, please take a few minutes to fill out the application. Don’t worry about whether you are qualified. We will be able to determine whether you meet our criteria when we receive your application. In some cases your background may fill a need in an area that you may not have even considered.


  • What is the hiring process for becoming a test-prep tutor?
      Once we determine from your background and qualifications that you may be a good tutor candidate, we will schedule an interview.
      During the interview, you will take two small quizzes for a total of 1 hour that will cover the subjects you intend to teach.

If you perform well on the quizzes and we feel that you have the necessary teaching and interpersonal skills to represent A+ to its students and parents, you will be required to:

Attend a test-prep training session
Take a full-length standardized test (please note, however, that if you are training to be a verbal tutor, you will not be required to take the math portion of the test and vice-versa).

Demonstrate your grasp of test-taking strategies through a “teach-back” session with one of our experienced tutors.
Attend a tutor orientation.
Be paired with an experienced tutor who will serve as your
mentor during your initial period of tutoring.


Please note: During the interview process you will need to provide us with the following paperwork

  • Criminal record check
  • Child abuse clearance
  • Driver’s license check
  • Academic transcripts
  • 3 references
  • What ages and subject areas do you usually tutor?
      We tutor students of all ages and at all levels. We work with students in kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, college, as well as adults. We cover the full range of academic subjects as well as test-preparation for college boards and private school admissions exams. Please review the other pages of this website for more information about the subjects we tutor.
  • How many hours/students can I expect?
      This depends on many factors, including where you are willing to travel, what you can tutor, the time of year, your performance, etc. A typical tutor averages between 2 and 10 hours per week. Some of our more seasoned tutors work between 20 and 25 hours per week.
  • Do I get reimbursed for travel expenses?
      There is a certain amount of travel that you are expected to do on your own time. However, we do offer travel reimbursement for exceptional cases that are more than 20-25 minutes away.
  • Do you offer training?
        We offer training in Standardized Test Preparation, Executive Function Coaching, the Wilson Reading System, and the Math Teachers Press curriculum. These training sessions are offered periodically throughout the year. All tutors hired for test-prep tutoring must attend a test-prep training session. Further training sessions may be required if you are interested in tutoring some of our other programs. New tutors are offered a stipend after completing the test-prep training and 15 hours of tutoring. Stipends are not offered for subsequent training in other programs, but participation in such training and in other professional development courses we offer is factored into decisions regarding merit salary increases for our tutors.
  • Do you have materials that I can use?
        We provide materials for all of our programs. These include ACT, SAT, PSAT, SAT II, Executive Function Coaching, Wilson Reading System, and a host of other programs. Your student will be given all necessary materials for his or her program and you will be provided with the appropriate teacher’s guide, etc.

Please note: for high-school level academic tutoring we do not typically provide materials. We do, however, have a complete reference library of materials that you can draw upon at our offices.

In addition we offer a variety of reading and math material that parents can purchase if needed for a particular subject area.

  • What type of commitment is required?
      Usually, a six month commitment is required for all new tutors. If you are applying for a tutoring position during the months of May, June, or July, please be aware that you are expected to tutor through the fall semester as many of our students are test prep clients whose programs will last for 13 weeks.

Please Note: This is not a summer job. Tutors are expected to work year-round.

How do I apply?

We're happy you asked! To apply, please click the link below. Please note that all applications are reviewed when received in our offices. If your background matches our current needs, you will be contacted shortly. Thank you for your interest in A+ Test Prep & Tutoring!

Apply now to join the A+ team and make a difference!