5 Myths About ACT Tutoring

November 20, 2015 

ACT_StudyingYour college-bound son or daughter has decided to take the ACT test, and you want to help him or her score well on the exam. Your friends have advised you to look into an ACT tutoring program, but is that really necessary? Each family is different, so ultimately you should do what is best for yours. However, below is a list of facts that may help you decide. 

Myth #1:

ACT tutoring curriculum is standardized, and students can just as easily learn the material on their own.

Fact #1:

While some students can study on their own with some success, it is difficult for many students to devote themselves to preparing for this important exam in a systematic way and to find materials that challenge them in their particular areas of weakness. A+ Test Prep & Tutoring carefully selects materials designed for individualized one-to-one instruction, and the structure of our program—meeting regularly with a verbal and math/science tutor in the months leading up to the test date—creates a framework for success.  Starting with a free diagnostic assessment, we develop a customized program of instruction, identifying your child’s specific learning needs. Our tutors always work at the appropriate level and pace for your student, and the in-depth analysis your child will receive after each assignment and practice test goes well beyond what he or she will find in a self-study book.

Myth #2:

Tutoring sessions are held at locations convenient for the tutor or the tutoring company, and families have to drive across town to attend study sessions.

Fact #2:

Our tutors will come to you. While we do offer tutoring on-site at our offices in Gwynedd and Jenkintown, tutoring can also take place in your own home. The advantage of this option is not just convenience—students often feel more comfortable in familiar environments and may be more at ease working with a private tutor at home, thereby setting them up for success

Myth #3:

With the recent changes to the ACT, tutors can’t possibly stay up-to-date on these developments.

Fact #3:

ACT_Tutoring_2At A+, we constantly update our materials to reflect changes to the ACT. We also hold regular professional development meetings and workshops for our tutors, so your student will receive the most up-to-date information and strategies for success on the ACT. For example, with the changes to the ACT Writing section, which first appeared on the September 2015 ACT, tutors must be familiar with the new format of the essay prompt, the new essay scoring rubric, and strategies for crafting a high-scoring essay.

Myth #4:

You have no indication of how tutoring is going until your student gets his or her ACT score.

Fact #4:

A+ prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, and we are always there to answer any questions or concerns you have about your student’s tutoring program or progress toward his goals. Our company is committed to maintaining close communication with the parents of our students. With our online reporting system, you have 24/7 access to information about your child’s lesson schedule, homework assignments, session notes, what percentage of homework your child has completed, and what scores he or she received on practice tests. The tutor also provides a detailed midway progress report halfway through the program. You will never be in the dark about your student’s private tutoring.

Myth #5:

Private ACT tutoring is expensive and a waste of money.

Fact #5:

Private ACT tutoring is an investment—and it’s not for everyone. But, know that students who complete the A+ ACT test prep program typically increase their composite score between 3 and 5 points on the ACT. See what students have to say about A+ Test Prep & Tutoring. Our various program options make it possible for you to select a plan that best fits your student’s needs and your family’s budget.


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