5 Reasons ACT Private Tutoring Will Be Worth Your While

February 9, 2015 

During the college application process, high school students have to juggle a lot of things: finding the right schools to apply to, writing college application essays, and even interviewing—not to mention managing everyday responsibilities like maintaining a strong GPA, taking midterms, and prepping for band concerts. Don’t let the difficulty of college admissions testing be an additional stress factor. By hiring a private ACT tutor, you and your student will be put at ease by an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of the ACT. Here are five reasons why ACT private tutoring is worth your while. ACT_Private_Tutoring

1. You Don’t Need to Be a Testing Expert.

It’s tough keeping up with all of the recent changes in the standardized testing world. Modifications to the ACT test are coming in 2015, which will impact your high school student immediately. Private ACT tutors are familiar with these upcoming changes, so you don’t have to become an expert. They will walk you and your student through any questions you have, saving your family time and effort. 

2. Private Tutors Know the Right Way to Study–and Will Teach Your Student. Really understanding the material and the test format through repeated practice will positively impact performance. One A+ Tutoring client attributed a five-point jump in his composite score to the practice tests, problems, and reviews he worked on with his tutors. Your student’s private tutor will teach him or her the best ways to study, and the results show it: On average, ACT students increase their composite score between 15% and 25% by using A+ tutors.

3. ACT Private Tutoring Is Customized–in a Comfortable Environment.

In a classroom setting, how can one instructor adequately address the varying needs and abilities of every student? A one-to-one tutor can adapt to your student’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust the content and pace of the curriculum accordingly. And, when students are tutored at home, it can be less intimidating than being part of a crowded group session. Asking for help can be embarrassing to students, so holding sessions in a familiar environment can put them at ease, setting them up for success.

4. Your Student Will Learn that Asking for Help Is OK.ACT_private_tutoring_2

No matter how well your child does in high school, college courses might be an adjustment and perhaps even a challenge for them. To help students manage their workload, most colleges and universities have copious resources available to students, from tutoring centers to freshman advisors. Some campuses even have new, innovative ways for students to connect with college tutors. At times, the hard part is getting students to ask for help. By hiring a private tutor to prepare for the ACT, you are teaching your child to be more comfortable seeking out help now and in the future.

5. You’ll Feel Good about Spending Your Money.

ACT private tutoring is unquestionably an investment in your student’s education, and with A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, you have choices: a 19.5-hour ACT Preparation package or a 31.5-hour Ultimate Test Prep package, with additional sessions on an hourly basis if needed. Pick the program (or combination) that works best for your student, and the results will make you feel good about supporting his or her future.

Although these are all wonderful benefits, don’t hire a tutor for these reasons alone. Make sure it’s a good fit and works for you and your student. With the right program and the right tutor, ACT private tutoring will be an experience well worth your while. Want to get a feel for what A+ tutors are like? Learn more about the A+ team and our tutors.


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