A+ Featured Student: Alec Kane

May 7, 2019 


We sat down with Alec Kane, a Friends Select School junior, who recently went through A+’s SAT prep course with stupendous results! Alec tested in March of 2019 and scored a 1500. That’s a 230-point leap from his original diagnostic score of 1270.

Like many of our students, Alec was drawn to A+ based on positive recommendations from friends. He also followed in the footsteps of an older brother who had done test prep with us.

A+: You’ve done an awesome job with your score! What do you feel was your biggest challenge?

Alec: My biggest challenge was staying calm during testing. It’s not test anxiety exactly, but I tend to get keyed up. I’m so eager to get to the end that I just run through it without thinking. I never had a problem with time, but that was actually kind of one of the problems. I always finished with time left over that I could have used better.

A+: What were some of the things you learned with A+ that you found most useful?

Alec: I want to emphasize how much I appreciate how A+ has helped me. My tutor was great. He gave me confidence. He showed me testing strategies to help me focus. He taught me methods to approach questions and gave me tools to solve problems. He helped me to slow down. That’s what really worked for me—it wasn’t about the test content so much as getting familiar with and practicing the format of the test.

A+: What is the best piece of advice you remember getting from your tutor?

Alec: Well, there were three. Take your time. Show your work. Don’t try to do it in your head!

A+: What are your future plans?

Alec: I’ve already visited Northwestern and Georgetown Universities. I’m interested in studying political science or history—or law. My ultimate goal is a government career or Foreign Service.

A: What advice do you have for students just starting their testing process?

Alec: Trust yourself. Put in the work; it pays off. Have confidence—don’t worry! The more you worry, the worse shape you’ll be in for the test. Breathe and know that you’ll be fine no matter what happens!

Congratulations and good luck to Alec!

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