Test Prep Tip for Parents: Helping Your Student Develop Positive Testing Habits [Video]

September 3, 2015 

Parents commonly ask what they can do while their child is young to better prepare them for testing in the future. It is important to teach behaviors to improve your student’s chances of success on the SAT or ACT. A+ tutor, Tom Spencer, has a helpful test prep tip for developing positive testing habits. Positive_Testing_Habitsact_sat_vocabulary_tip


Test Taker TipsKey Takeaways:

  • To prepare your students early, get them in the habit of showing their work.
  • If your student skips a question on a test, their notes will give them guidance as to where they left off on the problem.
  • Also, writing things down encourages students to think in an organized fashion. 
  • Write neatly and write often!

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