Featured Test Prep Student: Aengus Dublin

June 5, 2018 

featured-student-aengus-dublinEstablishing a good relationship between tutor and student is crucial to success. Aengus developed a relationship with his tutors, Kevin Holsopple and Julie Mueller, that just “clicked,” to use his words.

We asked him to elaborate.

“They were both comforting and supportive,” Aengus told us. “They let me know it was okay to make mistakes.”

A+ was first recommended to Aengus by his cousin, who had benefitted from our test prep program. Aengus was interested in raising his SAT scores, but he already had a full schedule: he was taking seven classes; he played JV tennis; he was part of the Debate Club; and he regularly helped his community by working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. He wasn’t sure he had the time for test prep as well.

“Other kids have this challenge, too,” Aengus said. “Making time for working on testing skills is tough. But it’s important, especially practice tests!”

Aengus scheduled a practice test for himself every Friday after school. While other kids might have been relaxing or getting ready to go out, Aengus was simplifying equations and parsing sentences. However, testing practice was only part of his strategy.

“Practice tests wouldn’t be nearly as valuable if I couldn’t go over the results with my tutors on Saturday or Sunday,” Aengus emphasized.


Although he also used materials available online (such as Khan Academy), Aengus was adamant about what helped him the most.

“Having a tutor is priceless,” he stated unequivocally. “The support is something nothing else can give you. A+ was my major support system.”

Kevin Holsopple, Aengus’s A+ math tutor, had equal praise for his student:

“Aengus was a driven and dedicated student in his pursuit of achieving his aspirations.  Not only is Aengus very intelligent, he is also very coachable. I found this trait to be extremely valuable as he continually improved as well as attained extraordinary results. Aengus has a bright future ahead of him.”

One of the best pieces of advice that Aengus remembered was, “Take a deep breath, and take it one question at a time.”

“I needed help with time management,” he said. “I had a tendency to second-guess myself. My tutors helped me to work on those things.”

Aengus’s work paid off. He was able to raise his score over 100 points—from 1400 to 1510!

He isn’t stopping there. Aengus will be taking both the SAT and ACT tests again. He would like to push his score even higher. He’s aiming for 1540 or more, and we’re confident he has the skills to do it!

After that? Aengus would like to attend Northwestern University. He is planning to major in International Business or Linguistics or possibly both. We asked if he had any words of advice for students who would like to achieve results like his.

“Find the time,” he said. “Be open to change and advice. LISTEN to your tutor!”

Congratulations, Aengus!

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