Featured Test Prep Student: Cole Moros

July 24, 2018 

featured-test-prep-student-cole-morosCole Moros believes the sky is the limit.

Like many of our students, Cole was introduced to A+ through a family member. His brother worked with us extensively on school subjects and test prep. He did well and recommended us to Cole.

When Cole came to A+, his SAT score was already an impressive 1370, but he believed he could still do better. By working hard and staying focused, he was able to raise it to 1560—almost a perfect score!

What is Cole’s formula for success?

“Don’t set limits on yourself,” he says firmly. “Don’t settle. Aim as high as you can. You might surprise yourself!”

“Making time for everything was hard sometimes,” Cole remembers. “I was carrying three AP courses: chemistry, statistics, and physics with an algebra component. I played outfield on my high school’s baseball team. I was treasurer and vice-president of German club, and I also served on Student Council and in Key Club.”

Cole’s strategy was to start early.

Give yourself enough lead time,” he advises. “Don’t try to cram all of your studying into a couple of months. Because I started when I did, I was able to go over everything I needed to by working three hours a week. Plus, I was able to take breaks when I needed them or when my other work was overwhelming. This system eliminated a lot of the stress of test prep.”

Cole credits his A+ tutors with giving him a solid base of testing strategies to practice and refine.

“Confidence is key,” he says. “I became self-focused, self-regulated, and experienced—especially experienced at taking practice tests!”

Cole challenged himself to find as many test prep opportunities as he could. He enrolled in his high school’s SAT course and used online resources.  However, he emphasizes that it was his A+ tutors who gave him the tools to take advantages of these opportunities.

Cole’s mom, Stephanie, agrees.

“He applied the skills and information he learned in tutoring sessions. Repeatedly taking the proctored tests helped him get his timing down, which was critical. I really think he benefitted from the long and slow approach because he was able to commit the time to practicing his skills while juggling his rigorous course load in school.”

Cole’s career goal is to become a Chemical Engineer. He has not yet decided on a college, although currently he is considering the University of Pennsylvania.

Cole’s advice to students who would like to emulate his achievement?

“It’s a long test,” he says philosophically, “but just keep chugging through it. I remember a moment on the reading section when I ‘freaked out’ temporarily—something rattled me. But my training and experience helped me keep my head and power through. And in the end, all that work paid off!”

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