How Will the Tutor Increase My Child’s SAT or ACT Scores?

February 11, 2014 

We know that choosing a test preparation tutoring service is a big decision. Many parents in the Philadelphia area ask us to explain how our one-to-one SAT or ACT preparation tutoring process works.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the process:

  • The process begins before the tutors meet with a student for the first time. Your child takes a diagnostic SAT or ACT exam either at home or at one of our proctored practice exam sessions.
  • Your child is assigned two tutors; one covers all of the math sections (as well as the science portion if the student is preparing for the ACT), the other tutor covers the verbal portions (reading, writing, and essay components).
  • Your child’s A+ tutors review all previous test results from diagnostic tests as well as actual tests to set score goals and formulate a “game plan” designed to address the student’s specific needs.
  • The A+ program is structured but flexible. The structure provides direction and goals for the student, while the flexibility allows the tutor to adapt the material to a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Next the tutor meets with the student and spends time getting to know her and building rapport. This is a crucial component of the process since the relationship between student and tutor adds motivation and often makes a difference in student success.
  • During the sessions, the tutors review all of the content on the exam, spending extra time as needed to help the student with weaker areas. In addition general test-taking strategies and tips for handling specific types of questions are covered. The student is given homework after each session, which includes exercises from the course books, practice tests, and flash cards.
  • Over time the tutors refine the student’s “game plan,” giving her directions as to how many questions to answer on each section of the test, which questions to answer, how best to manage her time on the test, etc. As the test date approaches, the student and tutors monitor results on practice tests, and a final game plan is formulated for test day.
  • Our approach to test preparation is akin to preparing for a big athletic event. The student practices, receives feedback, uses the feedback to improve and refine her approach, and practices some more. Ultimately the more she practices and prepares for the big event, the more likely she is to reach her full potential on the big day.

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