June 2011 Newsletter

July 21, 2011 

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Changes to the Common Application

A preview version of the 2011-12 Common Application is now available. This document highlights and explains the changes from the previous application. The 2011-12 Common App Online will launch on August 1.

Tuition & Housing: $50,000. Student Loans: $100,000. Attending College: Priceless  

Is attending college worth carrying a large student loan burden for the foreseeable future? This article includes some helpful hints for minimizing student debt.

Colleges Welcoming Students with Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, typically characterized by high intelligence and a passionate or obsessive interest in particular topics, was first described in 1994. So as the first generation of young adults who were diagnosed with Asperger’s as children comes of age, a new wave of diversity is reaching college campuses.


Changes to the Common Application


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