5 Benefits of Private ACT Tutoring

March 26, 2015 

It can be hard to stand out among the thousands of students taking the ACT and applying to colleges every year. One way to improve the chance of acceptance into a top-choice school is to ensure a strong application—including test scores. There are a variety of options available to prepare for the ACT: test prep books, mobile apps, online programs, group study sessions, or private tutoring. Private ACT tutoring helps students get ready for the test and stand out among the competition when applying to their favorite colleges.  Consider A+’s custom-made ACT prep tutoring program for these five reasons:

1. Personalized Attention for Your ChildACT_Private_Tutoring_1

At A+, one-to-one instruction is our main area of focus. Unlike classroom programs that operate with a one-size-fits-all approach, or books that offer sample questions and answer keys but no individualized feedback, private ACT tutoring offers personalized test prep, customized to maximize a student’s standardized test scoreTailored to your student’s personal needs, instruction is always at the appropriate level and pace. And since your child is free from the distractions of other students, he will receive the individual attention he needs to help him achieve his best possible ACT test results. Your child’s tutors will meet him at a convenient time and location, and give him their undivided attention.  Furthermore, we will keep you informed of your student’s progress every step of the way!

2. Practice and Perfect Test-Taking StrategiesACT_private_tutoring_2

Our tutors will teach your child both general test-taking strategies and problem-specific strategies. Over the years our tutors have learned which test-taking skills are most effective for which students. The personalization of our programs will ensure that your student learns to manage her time effectively, ensure she knows how to eliminate the obviously wrong choices, and apply her skills to answer confidently. Most importantly, because practice makes perfect, our private ACT tutoring program gives our students the opportunity to take actual ACT full-length practice tests, not abbreviated mock exams, prior to the big day. Our students work on applying skills and strategies in a simulated testing environment before taking the real test.

3. Build Upon Your Child’s Strengths While Addressing Weaknesses

With tests in English, Math, Reading, and Science, along with an optional Writing test, the ACT challenges students to demonstrate skills in many areas. Our tutors will work to identify both strengths and weaknesses, and then help your student improve upon his most pressing areas of need. We will review content to build your child’s skills and provide personalized homework exercises after each session. In addition to content review, one of the most beneficial aspects of working with a tutor is being able to talk through questions together, improving reasoning skills. By discussing the thought process involved in answering a question, the tutor ensures that your student is following the right steps and can identify where he may have gone off track. An experienced tutor knows how to model proper thinking processes, allowing students to see firsthand how to successfully reason their way through the test. 

4. Improve Your Student’s Confidence and Reduce Test Anxiety

One of the biggest obstacles many students must overcome is anxiety about the test. In addition to private ACT tutoring sessions, A+ students have the opportunity to take actual ACT practice exams unders simulated “real world” conditions. By the end of the program, your student will be intimately familiar with the timing, look, and feel of the ACT. As the old adage states, “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Practicing with actual ACT exams under real time constraints helps your student to perform his or her best on test day. Past ACT private tutoring clients have improved as much as 8 points on the 36-point ACT scale, proving what preparation and confidence can yield.

5. An Investment in Your Child’s Future


Because standardized test scores are a vital part of the college application process, as well as an important factor in consideration for merit scholarships, taking the time to participate in private ACT tutoring is truly an investment in your child’s future. Put simply, private ACT tutoring can have a dramatic impact on whether a student is accepted into her top schools. Not only are you and your child invested in her success, but your tutors will be invested as well. With our knowledge of the test, including recent changes to the ACT, the best test-taking strategies, and an understanding of your student’s strengths and weaknesses, we will create a program that gets results.

While having a private ACT tutor from A+ Test Prep & Tutoring won’t guarantee your student will achieve a certain score, we can guarantee that we will work with you and your student to create a customized ACT tutoring program that appropriately challenges him or her in level and pace.

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5 Reasons Private ACT Tutoring Will Be Worth Your While

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