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May 9, 2019 

A+ is based in the Philadelphia area, but we work with students worldwide. We have worked with students in Tennessee, Hawaii, and even Doha, Qatar!

Given how busy today’s teens are, meeting online is the perfect option, eliminating travel time and making it possible to fit a session in between all of their other commitments. Students are less likely to miss tutoring sessions due to weather, travel delays, etc.

And of course, with the COVID-19 crisis keeping everyone at home, it is for the time-being, the only way for tutors and students to work together.

A+ remote tutoring sessions are convenient, productive, and user-friendly. All you need are a desk, a computer, and a quiet space.  All necessary course materials will be mailed to you.

In addition to being convenient, the no-travel aspect of remote tutoring can boost session productivity. Working in a familiar environment allows for maximum concentration and retention. The student is relaxed and receptive to new concepts and strategies.

Remote Tutoring with A+While the vast majority of our tutoring is still done the old fashioned way, sitting side by side, just as it has been since 1992 when A+ was founded, technology now allows us to work remotely with students anywhere. In some cases, such as when a student attends a boarding school or sports academy, it’s the only way we can tutor a student. In other cases students just prefer meeting remotely.

As with all of our tutoring, our remote tutoring is one-to-one and face-to-face. Student and tutor remain connected through Zoom, Facetime or another video chat service for the entire session. Your child thus receives constant attention and feedback. Tutor and student see and hear each other and respond both visually and verbally.

Our tutors work remotely on SAT/ACT test prep, executive function coaching, subject tutoring, and homework support.

Even if you don’t live far away from our offices, you may want to take advantage of this option. We know your family is very busy and you may not have time to spend driving to meet your tutor. Parents whose students drive do not have to worry about their son or daughter taking long trips alone to an unfamiliar destination. And it’s a good option for at-home tutoring when a parent can’t be at home while a student is being tutored.

Advantages of remote tutoring:

  • Remote tutoring sessions can be recorded. That’s a big plus if the student takes advantage of recorded lessons when doing homework between sessions.
  • Sometimes the best tutor match we have for a specific student does not live close enough to the student to make the travel time worthwhile. But by working together online, the distance is no longer a barrier.
  • If you don’t live in the Philadelphia area, or if your student is away for the summer, on an extended overseas trip, or going to school out of state, you can still take advantage of A+’s top-notch tutors.
  • For many students, meeting their tutor online is very engaging. Most teens are very comfortable with the technology and are used to communicating online.
  • Students meet on a regular, weekly schedule, just like in-person tutoring.

In order to ensure that our students have an optimal experience we use the following best practices:

  • Just as with in-person tutoring, we choose your tutor carefully. The quality of the tutor and curriculum are paramount.  
  • Our lesson plans are based on the latest developments in educational theory and research.
  • Students meet with the same tutor each time so we build rapport and the tutor can use his/her knowledge of the student to continually refine and improve the student’s tutoring program.
  • In addition to face-to-face communication, we use an online whiteboard so students and tutors can sketch math problems, work on calculations together, and mark up the same document.
  • Student and tutor communicate between tutoring sessions if the student has a question or needs a reminder about a topic or homework assignment.

Using these best practices remote tutoring can be even more effective than in-person tutoring.

We encourage you to speak with one of Client Service Directors Anne Stanley and Susan Ware, so we can help you understand whether remote tutoring would be a good fit for your student. We can be reached at 215-886-9188.


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