Download the guide: SAT and ACT Test Score Ranges by College

July 3, 2017 

sat-and-act-test-score-requirements-by-college.jpgChoice is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? No one wants to eat the same thing for dinner every day or wear the same blue shirt 365 days a year.

However, too much of a good thing can get overwhelming. The downside to choice is the possibility of confusion. Let’s say you want to buy milk. Just plain, ordinary milk. You approach the dairy case and what do you see? 4% milk, 2% milk, fat-free, soy, almond, soy-vanilla, almond-vanilla, half-and-half, cream—is your head spinning yet?

Click here to download the PDF : SAT and ACT Test Score Ranges by College

Does that mean choice is bad? No, certainly not. It does mean that when faced with a bewildering array of options, you could probably use some help to decide which choice fits your needs.

How does this relate to standardized testing?

All college and university admissions requirements are not the same. Some colleges will accept the ACT or SAT. Some want an essay, others do not. Some colleges require subject tests, some do not, and some don’t insist but will look at an essay if you submit it. Some schools are test optional. Others practice superscoring. The list goes on.

To cut through the clutter, what you need is a guide.

A+ offers this handy reference sheet (“What Score do I Need to Get In? SAT and ACT Score Ranges by College) to help make the choices involved in your college admission process a little easier. The chart lists major schools and their testing requirements in an alphabetical, easy-to-read format. Just click below to download!




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