Scan + Score Allows Instant Access to SAT Practice Test Scores

October 14, 2016 

SAT practice test jpgLast year, The College Board announced the launch of a new smartphone application: Daily Practice for the New SAT.

“The Daily Practice for the New SAT app is a remarkable tool. Students are empowered to own their learning; all they need is a pencil, paper and a cell phone,” said College Board President David Coleman.

Now in addition to daily practice problems for the new SAT and easy-to-use functionality, this app has a unique, convenient, and impressive new function: Scan + Score.

There’s an App for That?

The College Board describes the app’s Scan + Score feature as allowing students instant access to the results of their SAT or PSAT/NMSQT practice tests – right at their fingertips. After completing an SAT practice test, students can scan their completed answer sheet and view their score instantly.

Scan + Score not only provides students with quick access to their comprehensive score (out of a possible 1600, per the updated scoring system), but it also gives a detailed explanation about each correct answer so the test taker can drill down on any question he or she got wrong in order to learn more. Additionally, students can take SAT practice tests regularly through the app, tracking their test prep progress through their saved app scores.

5 Steps to Use Scan + Score:

  1. Download and print the test.
  2. Take the test by filling out the answer sheets.
  3. Sign into the Daily Practice for the New SAT app on your mobile device.
  4. Upload a photo of each page of your completed answer sheets. (Tip: make sure photos are taken on a flat surface with bright lighting to yield clear resolution.)
  5. Wait a few moments, and your score will be revealed.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices. Check out this step-by-step instructional video from the College Board. Happy practicing!

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