Student Discounts – Part II

Last updated Feb 5, 2021 

student-discounts-part-2A few weeks ago, we posted a short article offering information on student travel discounts. This second article highlights even more discounts for students. We direct you to some helpful websites as well!

Students are able to take advantage of more discounts than any other category of customer (with the possible exception of senior citizens). When buying a product or service, it’s always wise to inquire whether the price will drop if you or one of your party is a student. A case in point is auto insurance: State Farm, a major insurance provider, offers both a “Student Away at School Discount” and a “Good Student Discount.”

On a lighter note, many entertainment and cultural venues recognize the value of offering lower prices to their student visitors. A student membership at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is only $40.00—about half of the standard adult membership.

Sometimes the best place to start looking for student discounts is at your future college! Temple University’s Philly Connections page offers tickets at great prices for places and events like the Philadelphia Zoo, the Camden Aquarium, major sporting events, and holiday performances.

Finally, one website that brings together and publicizes student deals of all kinds is A look here reveals bargains on retail shopping, transportation, cultural events, and professional organization fees—to name just a few.

Try some of the sites mentioned here. Launch your own investigations into student discounts. Either way, we’d love to hear about your experience!

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