SSAT and ISEE Private School Entrance Exams

Give your son or daughter the edge they need to do well on secondary school entrance exams!* Our materials have been designed specifically for use in one-to-one tutoring, allowing the tutor to adjust the level and pace of the program to your specific learning style and needs. In the privacy of a one-to-one setting, your child develops a relationship with the instructor and is therefore more apt to open up with questions or concerns. In addition, students are more motivated to do the homework since they are responsible for reviewing it with their tutor at the next session.

*Be sure to check with the individual schools regarding which test is required for admission.

Our tutors are available on a flexible basis so students can schedule appointments when it is convenient. Students never have to miss a lesson due to illness or scheduling conflicts as they would with a classroom program. For maximum convenience, we offer tutoring in your home or at your child’s school.

  • Standard SSAT or ISEE Program- 15 hours
      Our standard program consists of 10 sessions (5 math and 5 verbal). The program is designed to last anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks and is tailored to fit each student’s individual needs. Tuition includes math and verbal coursebooks, which contain specially designed practice drills and SSAT/ISEE word lists with powerful vocabulary-building exercises.

      Tutors provide a review of core concepts with skill development, and familiarization with the test format. Students learn new test-taking strategies and review different subject material in each session. To help master this material and reinforce test-taking strategies, students are expected to complete homework assignments between sessions. In addition, they will develop their vocabulary skills using word drills and flashcards
For more information or to reserve a tutor for your custom Private School Entrance Examination Preparation Program, contact us today!