Tutoring for Literature & Writing

Language Arts & English tutors can help students who struggle in both core and elective K-12 and Advanced Placement (AP) English, Literature, and Cultural Studies courses of all levels. Tutors can assist students in:

  • Developing a solid grasp of grammatical syntax
  • Becoming more active in the reading process, identifying and retaining critical information such as:
    • Themes
    • Motifs
    • Major Characters, Protagonists and Antagonists
    • Symbolism
    • Significant Quotes
  • Developing and supporting thought-provoking thesis statements
  • Comparing and contrasting themes, characters, or works of literature
  • Writing Effectively for various audiences and purposes

Whether a student needs help comparing and contrasting characters from classical literature, help interpreting Shakespeare, help developing and writing strong supporting paragraphs, or help preparing for that next grammar quiz or test, our English tutors are among the best at helping students understand AND appreciate literature, as well as honing essential writing and communication skills!