Math Teachers’ Press Program

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring is proud to use the excellent materials created by Math Teachers’ Press. For our students in kindergarten through eighth grade, instruction is preceded by an educational evaluation. If the results indicate extra instruction would be helpful, your tutor will use this innovative curriculum to supplement your child’s current math schoolwork.

Math Teachers’ Press, Inc., was founded in 1981 by Caryl K. Pierson, an educator for 35 years, who was frustrated by the materials available to teach math. While teaching math to non-English speaking students, she discovered the power of manipulatives to convey abstract concepts even when there is no common language between the instructor and the student. After further study and review of the research supporting the use of manipulatives for all students, Pierson and her team of experts developed the Moving with Math program to use manipulatives to teach all essential math concepts from pre-kindergarten through pre-algebra.

A comprehensive list of objectives was produced after validation in extensive classroom testing. These objectives closely parallel those of traditional teaching materials, state and local tests, and standardized achievement tests.

The program goals closely parallel those of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and Evaluation Standards which emphasize using manipulatives, reasoning, communication, connections and problem solving at all levels. Real world problems and problem solving strategies, such as drawing pictures, acting out problems and finding the pattern, are an integral part of each lesson plan. All instructional material is developed by classroom teachers, who are aware of the need for simple and effective program support.

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