What Makes A+ Special?

With so many tutoring companies to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one will serve your child best. You can feel confident when choosing A+ Test Prep & Tutoring. We’ve been in business since 1992 and are proud of our reputation for excellence and superior customer service. Don’t hesitate to ask us for references. We have many current and previous clients who will be happy to speak with you!

Excellent Tutors

First and foremost, we are very selective about the tutors we hire. Read more about our hiring process. We don’t just hire tutors; we invest in our tutors. At A+, new tutors receive comprehensive training and are paired up with an experienced tutor mentor. Additionally, twice per year, we hold a professional development meeting for all of our tutors. We strive to keep our tutors up to date on the latest research related to tutoring and education and to provide them with timely updates on changes related to the ACT and SAT exams.

Many of our tutors have been with us for more than 10 years. Not only do they have a wealth of experience, but they also share their knowledge and best practices with our entire team during our semi-annual professional development meetings and through our tutor mentorship program. In addition to tutoring, our tutors are involved in other aspects of our business such as grading practice ACT and SAT essays, proctoring practice ACT and SAT exams, and training new tutors.

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Customized Program

Before your child’s program starts, one of our directors will ask you about your child’s specific learning needs, goals, academic and personal interests, temperament, activities, and schedule. We take the time to gather this information so that we can create a customized program of instruction and match your child with the most appropriate tutor. We go beyond pairing your child with the tutor whose subject-matter expertise, location, and schedule match your child’s needs—we also take into account both the student’s and tutor’s personalities in order to ensure a good rapport between student and tutor.

In terms of curriculum, our test-prep programs are by no means “one-size-fits-all.” Your child’s program begins with a diagnostic exam, which gives the tutor the information he or she needs to create a customized instructional program. That is only the beginning. Since all instruction is one-to-one, your child will consistently have the same tutor for every session. As the program progresses, the tutor will continually make adjustments and assign homework appropriate to your child’s progress and specific needs.

Accessible Resources

In order to give your child every opportunity to succeed, we provide him with access to My A+, our student portal where both parents and students can view the tutor’s notes after each session as well as the details of the homework assignment. Using My A+, your child will also enter the answers to the practice tests he has been assigned for homework. This allows your child’s tutor to review his test results prior to the next lesson, giving the tutor the chance to plan the most appropriate instruction for the next lesson.

In addition, we have gathered a large collection of practice tests, course books, and other instructional materials. Our tutors draw upon these resources when needed to provide your child with the exact instruction and practice work he needs to improve his performance in his course or on his exam.

Caring, Attentive Directors

At A+, our highest priority is helping our students succeed. That’s why our directors go the extra mile to meet your child’s scheduling needs, provide the most appropriate curriculum, and, most importantly, match your child with the best possible tutor. We love working with students and their families and are always happy to receive your phone calls and emails!

The president of A+, Daniel Ascher, M.Ed, started A+ in 1992 by tutoring students in his home. As A+ has grown over the past 25 years, our mission has never changed. Our focus has always been on helping each individual student succeed. A+ Test Prep & Tutoring has established a reputation for excellence throughout the Philadelphia area over the past quarter century, and we plan to continue this mission for many years to come.

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