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Dan_Ascher_Photo.jpgHi, I am Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., President of A+ Test Prep & Tutoring in Philadelphia. I have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education and have been working with families like yours since 1988. While in graduate school I started tutoring local high school students in their homes. I soon had more business than I could handle and began hiring other professional tutors to do at-home tutoring.  

Almost 30 years later, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to devote my entire working life to A+ Test Prep and Tutoring. Over the years our business has grown tremendously as word spread about our excellent professional tutors and the effectiveness of our one-to-one tutoring programs. In fact, over 70% of our business comes to us via referrals. In most cases our clients hear about us from friends, family members, a guidance counselor, or another education professional. Thank you to all of those who refer students to A+. We appreciate your referrals and promise to continue the standard of excellence we are known for.

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring offers a wide range of customized tutoring programs to students of all ages, including academic tutoring, test preparation programs, and Executive Function coaching.  Our one-to-one tutoring is available in your home, at your school, online, and at our office locations in Jenkintown and Montgomeryville, PA.


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Call (215) 886-9188 (Jenkintown tutoring office) or (215) 619-0333 (Montgomeryville tutoring office) for more information about A+ Test Prep & Tutoring in Philadelphia.

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