One-to-One SAT & ACT Test Prep Programs

At A+, individual instruction is what we do. We focus on your learning style and support needs to come alongside you and, together, achieve more. 

All programs include:

  • Diagnostic exams, consultation, and test prep planning with an A+ director
  • One-to-one tutoring
  • SAT or ACT Coursebook(s)
  • 4 to 6 full-length, actual SAT and ACT practice tests (more available upon request)
  • Proctored practice SAT and ACT events (offered on Saturdays).
  • Detailed score reports are provided to students and tutors


This program is designed specifically for highly motivated students who are able to work independently, but require structure and accountability, and who don’t need as much one-to-one tutoring.

9-hours of one-to-one tutoring (9 one-hour sessions). Available in-office or remotely.

Also includes:

  • 15 online SAT or ACT instructional modules
  • Gamified math skill builder program


(our most popular program)

This program is designed for students who plan to take the SAT or ACT on one or two test dates.

19.5-hours of one-to-one tutoring (13 ninety-minute sessions)

Also includes:

  • Testing Timers Watch (a $55 value)*
  • Mindprint Comprehensive Assessment (a $200 value)
  • Math/Science and Verbal coursebooks


This program is designed for students who need more tutoring, or a longer time to prepare for an exam. Students in our Ultimate program typically take the SAT or ACT on two or three test dates.

31.5 hours of one-to-one tutoring (21 ninety-minute sessions)

Also Includes

  • Everything in our Pro program,
  • Plus 8 additional ninety-minute sessions
  • Additional course materials and practice exams as needed.

“I had a lot of great support! When I began working, my tutors showed me that adapting to conventional testing wouldn’t be as big an issue as I feared. Pat, in particular, really helped me understand the importance of good testing strategies. Both my tutors were encouraging and positive. I liked that they didn’t focus on test scores to the exclusion of everything else. They took the time to make sure I got answers to anything I had questions about.”

Katie Benoliel, Germantown Friends School
140 Point Increase on the SAT (over her PSAT score)

“I learned so much about testing strategies. Eliminating answer choices was one system that worked especially well for me. My tutors were amazing. Both of them were really patient! They worked with me step by step and showed me how to get into a more positive frame of mind during the test.”

Matthew Catanzariti
Wyndmoor, PA, La Salle College High School
170 Point Increase on the SAT

“All of the advice I got from tutors relieved a lot of stress. My score went up 200 points. The tutors really helped me focus. When I tried test prep before, I was not as dedicated. Since I had to do the work to prepare for tutoring sessions, I wanted to do it.”

Joshua Divaker
Jenkintown, PA
Abington Senior High School
200 Point Increase on the SAT

“My tutor taught me a lot. She was very nice and understanding, and she helped me feel more prepared going in to the SAT. The techniques were very helpful for both the SAT and in school. Thanks A+!”

Kerri Sullivan
Hatboro, PA
Hatboro-Horsham High School
400 Point Increase on the SAT

“Our 15-year old son, George, was about two weeks into Algebra 2 when we realized he needed help — help neither one of us could give him! We called Dan Ascher for advice (his wife is one of my oldest friends) but didn’t think we could use A + Test Prep and Tutoring because we live in the Harrisburg area! As it turns out, A+ was launching an online tutoring service, and we jumped at the chance to try it. George loves doing his tutoring remotely; he logs on to the A + site from our home computer and uses a networked tablet device to work with his tutor, Maggie. His grades have gone up, his confidence is back, and he’s enthusiastic about math! We will be using A+ for SAT prep over the summer using the online services and one-on-one tutoring, too. A+ Test Prep and Tutoring is a valuable resource for us to help George have a more successful high school academic career!”

Peter and Corinna Wilson, Parents
George Wilson
Camp Hill, PA
Camp Hill High School



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