Executive Function Coaching

We help your student gain valuable skills for both academic achievement and success in life.


Many students struggle with the basic skills to succeed in school. At A+, we work with students comprehensively to address the root causes of why a student is struggling and create strategies and routines for ultimate success.

The Executive Function Program at A+ brings coaches together with students to help with organization, time management, study skills, and much more. Unlike subject tutoring or test prep, executive function coaching does not focus on a single subject area, but rather on overall learning and life skills.


The A+ Executive Function Program Includes:

  • Prior to the start of the program: student survey, parent survey, Mindprint assessment and consultation with an A+ Director.
  • All coursebooks and materials.
  • We start with nine hours of one-to-one time with an A+ Coach.
  • Session notes sent to parents after each meeting with the coach.
  • Progress report after 6th session.
  • Check in after 7th session to discuss progress towards goals and next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Executive Function Skills?
  • Executive Function (EF) skills are skills required for managing daily life, learning, and being productive.  
  • Students who struggle with EF may have trouble with planning (short and long term), organization, time management, task initiation, and setting and reaching goals.
  • In addition, EF Skills include handling emotions related to school and academic work. Students need to be able to handle both the organizational as well as emotional challenges that school presents.
How do Executive Function Skills manifest in academics?

Students who struggle with EF skills may have difficulties in many areas that affect academics: 

  • Planning (short term and long term)
  • Time Management
  • Motivation and Self-Discipline
  • Completing assignments & projects, or failing to turn them in even if they are completed
  • Handing in subpar work
  • Easily Distracted/Trouble Paying Attention in Class
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension and applying information
  • Note-taking
  • Effectively preparing for tests
How does Executive Function Coaching differ from tutoring?

Tutoring:  Helping a student get through a specific course by increasing understanding of the material, improving academic skills, and offering help on specific assignments in a class.

Executive Function Coaching: Determining where there are gaps in skills (e.g. working memory, short term processing, planning), figuring out how these gaps are manifesting in academics overall (not necessarily in a specific subject), setting goals for improving these skills, monitoring progress towards improvement, and ultimately giving the student the tools needed for achieving goals and for academic independence.

Who are your Executive Function Coaches?

All of our coaches have a bachelor’s degree or higher, are experienced educators who have worked at A+ for a minimum of 2 years, and have been trained in our executive function coaching program.

How long does it take to see results?

Our minimum commitment for Executive Function Coaching is nine hours. While we don’t expect all of a student’s issues to be completely resolved after nine hours of coaching, you should be able to see a noticeable improvement. Many students will continue after the initial nine hours, working on new goals and skills.

Areas Executive Function Coaching can focus on:

Homework Management

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Students learn to prioritize assignments and establish healthy study environments built around stable routines.

Academic Writing

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Students learn how to break down the writing process to make effective use of their time.

Study Skills

Learn More

Students learn how to effectively take notes and maximize the impact of studying by anticipating the format and content of upcoming tests.

Reading Comprehension

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Students learn how to utilize active reading techniques as well as methods for retention, note taking and summarizing.

Time Management

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Students learn to actively plan out projects, breaking down large assignments into manageable pieces.

At A+, our Executive Function Coaches are intuitive, methodical, and flexible. The student and coach work together as a team with the ultimate goal of allowing the student to become an independent, successful learner.

“Mingie is good at giving the steps to solve a problem, and provides inspiration. She is always on time, always very positive, and works alongside Alex helping him to learn and increase his confidence. Her lesson notes are timely and insightful. She really helps Alex with what he needs to improve.”

-Anthony Scott, Parent
Harriton High School

“I have used A+ Tutoring for both my son and daughter. What I really appreciated is that the process is individualized to the student, rather than the student being placed in a pre-determined curriculum. This highly personalized approach by A+ ensured that each of my children were matched with a tutor that not only was highly qualified but was also able to personally connect and relate to each child. My children were initially extremely nervous about working with a tutor, so finding someone who makes them feel comfortable not only increased their academic results but made my life less stressful since I didn’t have to fight with them to go to their lessons. While A+ Tutoring provided an immediate benefit of higher grades and SAT scores, more importantly, the tutors helped my son and daughter understand how they learn and how to maximize their study skills going forward. While raising test scores to get into college is great, the real long term benefit is they were given the knowledge and confidence going forward that will serve them their whole lives. Thanks, Daniel Ascher and A+ Tutoring!”

Jeffrey K., parent
Upper Dublin High School

“My daughter was very pleased with her tutor & found the sessions helpful and is very willing to speak with anyone who would like a student’s perspective.”

Nancy Soffin, parent to Megan Soffin,
Plymouth Whitemarsh HS
210 Point Increase on the SAT

“Thank you very much! I’m so happy with my scores!

I thought the program was great. I learned a lot of tips that a regular SAT book wouldn’t have told me. For example, Andrew told me how many questions I could skip and how many I would need to get right in order to get a score within a certain range. Obviously the program really worked for me. I went up 210 points! That’s insane! My goal was to break a 2000, which I thought was not going to happen. 1990 is pretty darn close though, so I’ll take it! And yes, Andrew was a great tutor. I would definitely recommend him to a friend (which my mom did).”

Katie Kline, Hatboro-Horsham HS
210 Point Increase on the SAT



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