A+ Foundations Programs

Designed to give students a strong academic foundation to build on for the future.

Our Foundations Programs are designed to give students a helping hand in specific subject areas to prepare them for both challenging academics and college admissions exams. We offer these programs in the areas of Math, Reading Skills, and Writing. Here, students work one on one with our tutors to target their specific areas of needed support. These programs are particularly useful for students who require extra skill building in a specific academic area before starting a test prep program.

“Both of my tutors helped me to remain on track with studying. They showed me that subjects like English and Math can be very interesting and that it’s important to be confident. To future test takers, I say “You are brighter than you believe you are.”

Amanda Rabin, Council Rock North High School
160 Point Score Increase on the SAT

“Having a tutor was priceless. The support is something nothing else can give you. A+ was my major support system.”

Aengus Dublin, George School
110 Point Score Increase on the SAT

“Julie gave me a lot of good advice on how to approach the test. She used to tell me, “If you don’t get the answer, move on. Do what you’re confident about first. You can go back later and do the other questions.” That really worked for me! On test day I felt totally prepared. I was confident, calm, and not nervous at all.”

Amanda Fricker
Council Rock North High School
3 Point Score Improvement on the ACT

“Julie was amazing! Not overbearing, but always encouraging and supportive. She never made me feel like I was disappointing her. She never put too much pressure on me, but always helped me to do my best. She always listened and responded to my concerns.”

Stella Kelley, New Hope-Solebury High School
6 Point Score Improvement on the ACT

“The review was very good. The tutors were top notch. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Lehrich, Neshaminy High School
220 Point Increase on the SAT



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